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CASBI Launches New Lobby Against Proposed 30% Surtax

April 3, 2006 – CASBI is preparing for another season of lobbying against the proposed 30% surtax. We have written letters to the Minister of Finance and other interested Ministers to let them know there continues to be considerable industry opposition to the surtax.

Today, our www.casbi.ca was updated with the headline “Tell the Harper Government to Honour its Commitment to Stop the 30% Surtax” – with all relevant government contacts at our site.

A new poster and petition is being distributed to retailers this week. Bike shops should contact their CASBI member supplier to make sure they get a poster, copy of the petition and draft letter which they can send to their local MP to make their voice heard.

Canadian Association Of Specialty Bicycle Importers (CASBI)
381 Railway Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1A4

For more information about CASBI, visit www.casbi.ca, contact your CASBI supplier member, or send an e-mail to joe@casbi.ca.

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