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Carney Wins Clarendon Cup

June 1, 2003 (Arlington, Virginia) – The 100-Km 2003 Clarendon Cup in Arlington, Virginia was competed this year under bright, sunny skies and strong winds.  Once again this suburb of Washington, DC came out in force to watch America's best take to the streets in one of the fastest criteriums on the domestic circuit.  With all of the U.S. teams represented, it was going to be another fast race with plenty of action.

The field of 165 strung out quickly on the 5-corner, 1.1-Km course, as everyone seemed to want to get a good start.  The first of many attacks was initiated by Trent Klasna (Saturn) with a solo effort that gained him about 30-seconds. After about 10 laps, he was joined by six others and appeared to be gaining time on the fast-moving peloton. However, in just a few laps, the group was back together as the combination wasn't to the liking of one of the teams in the hunt to take the first win of this important week of racing. The pattern continued for the bulk of the race as small attacks would gain a handful of seconds, only to be brought back into fold.  With 40-laps remaining, a group of seven moved clear and was on track to lap the field. In the group was Navigators' Siro Camponogara, Trent Klasna and Viktor Repinski (both Saturn), David O'Laughlin (O-Foto), Danny Pate (Prime Alliance), Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron), and a 7Up rider.

The onus was on the Saturn duo as they had sprinter Repinski in the mix, and they drove toward lapping the field.  Unfortunately, with 15 laps remaining, and only 25-seconds to close, the break came apart and the main field got a second wind.  With the speed increasing, the wind, and the constant attacks, the race was whittled down to 30 riders.  Each of the teams had several representatives, including many of the sprinters that would be expected to contest the finish.  With each team lining up their trains, it would be a fast finish with the battle heating up on the last few laps.  As the Navigators blue train moved to the front with 2-laps remaining, disaster struck as Ciaran Power and Vassili Davidenko were involved in a spill that disrupted the Navigators lead-out train.  With no time to recover and re-group, the sprint continued to wind up over the final lap with Jonas Carney (Prime Alliance) taking the win over Repinski.

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