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Cannondale Returns To Interbike’s Main Floor For 2003

February 12, 2003 – After two years of displaying its products in a private room downstairs at the Interbike trade show, Cannondale once again plans to be back on the main exhibition floor at next October's Interbike show. The Connecticut-based bikemaker will occupy 2,400 square-feet of prime Interbike real estate, doubling the size of its display area from 2001 and 2002. “We're excited to be back,” said Cannondale's vice-president of marketing, Scott Montgomery.

“We experimented with a different approach to Interbike the past couple of years, but we've learned that there's no substitute for being in the thick of the action on the main floor.” In each of the past two years, Cannondale augmented a downsized product display in its private room downstairs with instructional dealer seminars and a dealer luncheon. “Dealers appreciated the seminars and enjoyed the luncheon,” said Montgomery, “but they didn't like the overcrowded smaller room, or the fact that we were downstairs.”

Montgomery appreciates the symbolic aspect of Cannondale's move back to the main floor. “There's been tremendous excitement within Cannondale about 'getting back to our roots' as a bicycle manufacturer. I think rejoining the rest of the industry on the main floor is emblematic of where Cannondale is right now. We strayed a bit, but now we're coming back with a vengeance and refocusing all of our energies on our core bicycle business.”

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