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Canadians Sweep Mutual of Enumclaw Omnium Stage Race

by pedalmag.com

June 3, 2009 (Enumclaw, Washington) – In a field of 80+ riders Canada’s Will Routley (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling) placed second in the ITT, second in the Crit, and 6th in the RR to secure enough Omnium points for the overall win at the Mutual of Enumclaw Omnium Stage Race held May 30-31.

Canadian riders continued their dominance of Pacific Northwest Cycling as Rob Britton (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes placed 4th in the ITT, 37th in the Crit and first in the RR for 2nd overall, two points behind the winner. Fellow Canuck Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) won the ITT, placed 4th in the Crit, and 4th in the RR to lock up 3rd place overall, another two points back.

Laura Brown (BC) Local Ride Racing placed second overall in the Women’s 1-2 competition.

Full Results here.

Final Overall

Men Pro 1-2

1. Will Routley (BC) Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team 42
2. Rob Britton (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 40
3. Jamie Sparling (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 38
4. David Richter (WA) Herriott Sports Performance 31
5. Todd Herriott (WA) Herriott Sports Performance 23
6. Justin Kerr (BC) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy 23
7. Cyrus Kangarloo (BC) Unattached 22
8. Adam Thuss (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 17
9. Grant Boursaw (WA) Gregg’s Trek 16
10. Russell Stevenson (WA) Kenda Pro Cycling 13
11. Dave Vukets (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 12
12. James Stangeland (WA) Gin Optics Cycling 10
13. Ian Mensher (WA) Gin Optics Cycling 10
14. Tyler Trace (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 9
15. Sebastian Salas (BC) Specialized/Dizzy 9
16. Kenny Williams (WA) First Rate Mortgage Cycling Team 8
17. Zack Garland (BC) H&R Block/KONA 5
18. Nic Hamilton (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 5
19. Scott Laliberte (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 4
20. Westley Richards (WA) Lenovo 3
21. Patrick Stanko (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team 3
22. Mike Sidic (BC) Garneau Evolution 2
23. Phil Elsasser (WA) Fanatik Bike Co. 1
24. Aaron Schooler (AB) H&R Block/KONA 1
25. Matt Potma (BC) H&R Block/KONA 0
26. Ben Chaddock (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 0
27. Tom Bencivengo () 0
28. Dan Skinner (BC) Garneau Evolution 0
29. Mike Hone (WA) Lenovo 0
30. Trevor Kosa (CA) Unattached 0
31. Shawn Ongers (WA) Lenovo 0
32. Kyle Farrell (WA) Garage Racing 0
33. Maurice Worsfold (BC) Team Coastal 0
34. John Mcdaniel () 0
35. Chris Worsfold (BC) Team Coastal 0
36. Shawn Goulet (BC) H&R Block/KONA 0
37. Greg Miller (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team 0
38. Dave Brooks (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 0
39. Ryan Iddings (WA) Lenovo 0
40. Mike Laxdal (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 0
41. Spencer Paxson (WA) Team S&M Young Guns 0
42. Kevin Noiles (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac 0
43. Jason Bethel (WA) Garage Racing 0
44. Christopher Parrish (WA) WWU Cycling 0
45. Matthew O’Hagan (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 0
46. Mike Berkenpas (BC) Local Ride Racing 0
47. Ben Rhodes (WA) Second Ascent 0
DNF/DNS Sam Johnson (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team
DNF/DNS Brian Ecker (WA) Fanatik Bike Co.
DNF/DNS Robert Campbell (WA) The Valley Athletic Club/CBC Racing
DNF/DNS Jesse Reams (BC) Garneau Evolution
DNF/DNS Garrett Mcleod (BC) H&R Block/KONA
DNF/DNS Kevin Thorpe (BC) Cycling BC
DNF/DNS Benny Swedberg (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team
DNF/DNS Dustin Van Wyck (WA) IJM.org
DNF/DNS Jake -time cut Macarthur (WA) Arlberg Sports
DNF/DNS Jiri Senkyrik (WA) Second Ascent
DNF/DNS Chris Daifuku (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team
DNF/DNS Michael -time c Rothengatte (BC) u H&R Block/KONA
DNF/DNS Marsh Cooper (BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB Mosiac
DNF/DNS Steve Fisher (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team
DNF/DNS Stewart -time c Bowmer (WA) u Fanatik Bike Co.
DNF/DNS Brent -time cut Carlson (WA) Garage Racing
DNF/DNS Christopher Wingfield (WA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team

Women 1-2

1. Patricia Bailey (WA) Wines of Washington/Bikesale.com 49
2. Laura Brown (BC) Local Ride Racing 43
3. Cheryl Thoney () Blue Rooster/The Sports Medicine Clinic 41
4. Annette Williams () Blue Rooster/The Sports Medicine Clinic 33
5. Jenni Gaertner (ID) Riverstone Women’s Racing Team 32
6. Lisa Howard (BC) Escape Velocity/dEVo 23
7. Leah Kirchmann (MB) Manitoba 22
8. Kristine Brynjolfson (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 20
9. Jadine Riley (WA) Team Group Health 18
10. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (BC) Local Ride Racing 14
11. Naomi Cooper (BC) Escape Velocity/dEVo 13
12. Karen Watson (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling Race Team 13
13. Shoshauna Laxson (BC) Local Ride Racing 10
14. Michelle Conrad () Blue Rooster/The Sports Medicine Clinic 8
15. Rachel Canning (BC) Escape Velocity/dEVo 4
16. Dana Lis (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale 4
DNS/DNF Amara Boursaw (WA) Gregg’s Trek
DNS/DNF Gina Kavesh (WA) Wines of Washington/Bikesale.com
DNS/DNF Sara Laliberte (BC) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale

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