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Canadian Team Aims To Break Record at RAAM

May 3, 2006 – On June 11, 2006, Kevin Wallace of Mississauga, Ontario will race non-stop from San Diego California to Atlantic City, New Jersey in the 2006 Race Across America (RAAM). Wallace intends to break the current world record of 8 days, 9 hours and 47 minutes set by Pete Penseyres in 1987. Outside Magazine* rates RAAM as the world’s toughest race ahead of the Vendee Globe Challenge, Ironman Hawaii and the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Wallace’s passion for endurance cycling, and winning, is matched by his devotion to do his part in funding society’s race against cancer and, in particular, the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. www.teamrace.com

Kevin Wallace won the 2-man division of RAAM in 2004 with his good friend Jeff Rushton. Their team, aptly named, Coast to Coast Against Cancer slashed more than 11 hours off the previous record finishing in 6 days 14 hours and 7 minutes. While many competitors finish physically ruined, Wallace and Rushton stunned onlookers as they literally leapt on stage to receive their medals. This year Kevin is racing in the incomprehensibly punishing Solo Division. Training throughout the winter, Kevin focuses on prolonged, low intensity bicycle workouts that built power while minimizing the risk of injury. His training and race diets were developed under the guidance of his longtime nutritionist and training advisor, Dr. Pat Hewitt.

RAAM will lead Wallace over a grueling 4912 km (3052 miles) straight across the heartland of America. Climbs will accumulate vertical of 33,538m (110,000 feet) — nearly four times the altitude of Mr. Everest. Even so, weather is one of the riders’ greatest foes. Temperatures can hit 120 degrees in the Sonoran desert or drop below freezing in the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. Winds can easily whip up to 80kph (50mph) stopping cyclists in their tracks or knocking them right off their bikes. The race is no stranger to lightning and hail storms either. Given this barrage of challenges, it’s amazing that anybody finishes this insane race but, on average, 42% find the strength and will to push on.

At home Kevin fills spare time with community work. He is co-founder of the Gears 24Hr Spin, an indoor cycling event on stationary bicycles that has raised more than $2.7 million towards the prevention and compassionate treatment of breast cancer. Wallace hopes his RAAM attempt will rally another $250,000 in pledges for the Betty Wallace Women’s Health Centre, a wing of the Trillium Hospital named in honour of his late mother. Wallace recalls with a smile, “My mother always said that whatever you give, you receive back tenfold.” If this it true, Kevin must have a massive pool of karma stored away. Good thing if he does, because come June, he chuckles, he may need to make a large withdrawal.

Although typically inconspicuous and unassuming, Wallace has chosen a flashy race uniform that will blaze the landscape in shades of hot pink, the recognized colour of the breast cancer cause. His team, Team RACE (Ride Against Cancer Everywhere) is part of the growing Canadian movement that blends passion for cycling with compassion for the cancer community. Kevin is dedicating each agonizing day of his record breaking RAAM attempt to someone affected by breast cancer. Only his talented support team can help him cross the finish line but all of us can help him reach his donation target. To make a donation, please visit www.TeamRACE.com

For more information, please contact Sandy Thayer @ (905)271-4539 or visit the website at www.teamrace.com.

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