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Canadian Road Championships Junior Women/Men RR Report, Full Results – Bonhomme & Prendergast Win

report by Cycling Canada Cyclisme
June 30, 2012 (Lac Mégantic, QC) – Christopher Prendergast of Team Manitoba and Ariane Bonhomme of Team Québec both rode to solo victories today as the Junior Men and Women took part in the road races at the 2012 COLD-FX Canadian Road Championships presented by Canadian Tire in Lac Mégantic, QC.

Christopher Prendergast completed the 111.7-kilometer course in 3:07.26 to take his first Canadian Title in road races. Prendergast, who had won the Canadian Criterium Champion race last year, was pleased with his racing today. “It’s amazing to be a National champion. Certainly beats last year [when I won the Crit].

“I thought the racing was great. I attacked from the last climb [of Mont Morne] and one guy jumped with me. I thought we would work together until the finish, but it didn’t turn out that way. Never at any points I thought I would make it until about three kilometres to go when it was all downhill.”

“I wanted to get in an early breakaway, because sometimes at Junior Nationals, guys work for themselves and the peloton is not always working together. So I didn’t know if the break would get caught. I just jumped in the break, and didn’t work too hard until the last climb where I attacked.”

Two and a half month ago, Prendergast moved to France, where he took part in bigger races. “I’ve done tons and tons of big races over in France, like Category 2s and big junior races. I did lot of training, and took it a little bit easier this past week, and came in all guns going.”

In the seven-man sprint for the second place, Brandon Etlz of Team SpiderTech powered by PowerWatts came in second, followed by Benjamin Perry of Team CHCH in third.

In the women’s race, Ariane Bonhomme also won her race in a solo break. In the last big hill coming back to lac Mégantic for the finish, Bonhomme took the opportunity of a breaking peloton to launch her attack, alongside teammate Allyson Gillard.

“I did not really expect that. This is my first junior year, and this is a first experience for me at Nationals. My goal was to finish with the pack, and I won. I do not even realize it yet,” said Bonhomme, visibly very happy with the top prize.

“My goal was to stay with the girls in the pack. I knew there were some pretty good climbers in the group, and I wanted to stay with them. When the girls started to drop out, I ended up with Allyson, and I knew how she was very strong. I didn’t really an attack, she simply dropped. I felt bad at the same time, because she was my teammate and I knew that the Worlds were her goal this year. At the same time, it is a Canadian Championships – a big race.”

Allyson Gillard, also of Team Québec, finished second at 1 :07 of the winning time, while Audrey Labrie of Piste.ca took the third place.

Tomorrow, the criterium races will be held for all Masters categories, as well as for the Juniors, concluding the 2012 COLD-FX Canadian Road Championships presented by Canadian Tire.


Junior Women

1. Ariane Bonhomme (QC) Équipe du Quebec 2:40:59
2. Allyson Gillard (QC) Equipe du Québec 1:07
3. Audrey Labrie (QC) Piste.ca 1:34
4. Amélie Bruneau (QC) Espoirs Quillicot 1:36
5. Saskia Kowalchuk (ON) Team CHCH
6. Clara MacKenzie (BC) Cycling BC
7. Janie Rioux-Coulombe (QC) Équipe du Quebec 1:39
8. Madeleine McConnell (ON) CHCH
9. Marie-Eve Poisson (QC) Equipe du Québec
10. Kinley Gibson (AB) Team Alberta 7:09
11. Gabrielle Matte (QC) CC IAMGOLD
12. Roxanne Pepin (QC) Équipe du Quebec
13. Josiane Lessard (QC) VCL- André Cycle 10:02
14. Bailin Xie (ON) Team Ontario 11:19
15. Sarah Mason (ON) Team Ontario
16. Jenna Leonhardt (MB) Team Manitoba 12:37
17. Rosalie Cyr (QC) CC IAMGOLD 12:47
18. Robynne Shannon (BC) Cycling BC HD
19. Tarryn Côté (BC) Cycling BC HD
20. Noémie Fréchette (QC) Atrium HD
21. Alex Grant (BC) cycling BC HD
22. Renaude Tousignant (QC) CC IAMGOLD HD
23. Élise Brouillette (QC) Espoirs Quillicot HD
24. Brenna Pauly (BC) Cycling BC HD
25. Rosalie Cardin-Houde (QC) CC IAMGOLD HD
26. Christiana Moser (BC) Cycling BC HD
27. Sophie De Boever (BC) Cycling BC HD
DNF Léa Audet (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF Kristen Sears (ON) Invita-FCV

Junior Men

1. Christopher Prendergast (MB) Team Manitoba 3:07:26
2. Brandon Etzl (ON) SpiderTech propulsée par Powerwatts 0:32
3. Benjamin Perry (ON) TEAM CHCH
4. Nigel Ellsay (BC) Cycling BC
5. Yohan Patry (QC) Équipe du Quebec
6. Olivier Brisebois (QC) Équipe du Québec
7. Olivier Miclette (QC) Equipe du Québec 0:34
8. Simon Trivett (PEI) Centre National Atlantique 1:33
9. David Drouin (QC) Equipe du Québec 4:21
10. Julien Roussel (NB) Centre National Atlantique
11. Sean MacKinnon (ON) Team Ontario 7:04
12. Eric Johnstone (AB) Team Alberta 7:59
13. Frederic Cossette (QC) Équipe du Quebec
14. Jules Cusson-Fradet (QC) Prud’ Homme- IGA Ste Martine
15. Rafael Gagnon-Gascon (QC) Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci
16. Joseph Lupien (QC) team winded
17. Maxime Leboeuf (QC) Atrium
18. Sam Morris (BC) Cycling BC
19. Connor Nevin (ON) Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes
20. Hendrik Pineda (QC) UCS Crabbe-Performance 8:03
21. Marc-Antoine Soucy (QC) CC IAMGOLD 8:05
22. Rui Xu (ON) Team CHCH
23. Martin Rupes (ON) Centurion Development Canada 12:29
24. Adam Jamieson (ON) TEAM CHCH
25. Neil Symington (NB) Centre National Atlantique 13:15
26. Lambert Gatineau (QC) SpiderTech propulsée par Powerwatts
27. Elliott Doyle (QC) Équipe du Quebec
28. Jordan Duncan (BC) Cycling BC
29. Simon Fothergill (ON) Team CHCH
30. Vincent Désilets-Jacob (QC) Espoirs Quillicot
31. Benjamin Veillette (QC) CC IAMGOLD
32. Benjamin Chartrand (QC) Espoirs Quillicot
33. Adam Kopera (ON) Team Ontario
34. Edouard Tougas (QC) Rocky Mountain-Forget Aubin
35. Jérôme Bastien (QC) CC IAMGOLD 13:20
36. Jasmin Houle (QC) Prud’ Homme- IGA Ste Martine
37. Henri De Boever (BC) Cycling BC
38. Olivier Hokmi (QC) Équipe du Québec 13:49
39. François Vaillancourt (QC) Espoirs Quillicot 17:33
40. Aidan Caves (BC) Cycling BC 19:28
41. William Simonds (ON) Team Ontario 20:33
42. Brian Falk-Dotan (ON) Team Attack 20:45
43. Jackson Pickell (BC) Cycling BC 20:56
44. Marc Antoine Noel (QC) SpiderTech propulsée par Powerwatts 22:40
45. Trevor Pearson (BC) Team BC
46. Samuel Gagnon (QC) CC IAMGOLD
47. David Fugère (QC) Atrium
48. Samuel Gauthier (QC) Atrium
49. Isaac Niles (AB) Team Alberta
50. Samuel Ratzke (AB) Team Alberta 22:44
51. Tyler Lee (ON) Team Ontario
52. Quinn Moberg (BC) Cycling BC,Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes 22:59
53. Miguel Lukaszewicz (QC) Prud’ Homme-IGA Ste Martine 23:21
54. Vincent Joinette (QC) Prud’ Homme-IGA Ste Martine 23:28
55. Devin Doiron (NB) Centre National Atlantique 24:02
56. Edouard Dumas-Longpré (QC) Sherbrooke (club cycliste) 26:08
57. Travis Samuel (ON) Team Ontario/Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville 28:31
58. Nicolas Ducharme (QC) Espoirs Quillicot 29:39
59. Nicolas Masbourian (QC) Espoirs Quillicot 32:54
60. Marc Evers (NB) Centre National Atlantique 34:47
61. Alex East (QC) Espoirs de Laval Primeau Velo 37:30
62. Jerome Corneau (QC) Espoirs Quillicot 39:22
63. Carl Gagnon (QC) Atrium
64. William Etherington (ON) TWC TEMPO 43:57
65. Laurent Levasseur (QC) CC Levis 45:39
66. Pierre Robitaille (QC) Atrium 47:54
67. Arnaud Gagnon (QC) Espoirs de Laval Primeau Velo
DNF Shawn Turcotte (QC) Rocky Mountain-Forget Aubin
DNF Benjamin St-Onge (QC) Rocky Mountain-Forget Aubin
DNF Fabien Parent (QC) Atrium
DNF Antoine Muzzi (QC) SpiderTech propulsée par Powerwatts
DNF Shane McCormick (ON) Attack Racing
DNF Justin Mallet (NB) Centre National Atlantique
DNF Marc-Antoine Germain (QC) CC IAMGOLD
DNF Emmanuel Gagne (QC) Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci
DNF Max Gabaldo (ON) Team CHCH
DNF Vincent De Haître (ON) team ontario
DNF Evan Carey (BC) Cycling BC
DNF Jack Burke (ON) Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes
DNS Max Toeldte (ID) BYRDS

HD=hors delai (outside time limit)



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