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Canadian RD Championships Elite/U23 Women’s RR FULL Results – Updates

by pedalmag.com

June 22, 2012 (Lac-Megantic, QC) – The Elite/U23 Women’s Road Race at the 2012 Canadian Road Championships  is now underway under overcast skies at Lac-Megantic with possible thundershowers as the wind has picked up – the temperature is 28-29 degrees. There are 66 starters for the 106.8km route that includes two laps of Mont Morne with reigning champ Veronique Fortin (QC) Tibco to the Top eager to defend her title…

1:12 pm – The women are just finishing their neutralized start of the first 3.5km – and now it’s a 40km ride to Mont Morne which was recently featured as a KOM on the grueling queen stage at the Tour de Beauce up Mont Megantic on Stage 3 won by Matt Cooke (USA) Exergy. Also the stage where SpiderTech’s Hugo Houle had a superb day finishing 4th.

The attacks begin small break by Moriah MacGregor and Kristen Worley – quickly shut down…

1:30 pm – Now Jasmine Glaesser and Julie Beveridge try their hand to get away… Fortin is with them – Gabrielle Pilote Fortin that is – they have 12s on the pack.

1:40 pm – Glaesser and Beveridge have dropped Fortin and now have a 50-second gap – Joelle Numainville decides to go too and attacks from the pack

Clara Hughes, Rhae Shaw and Carol-Ann Canuel join Numainville as the pack comes alive behind in various groups.

2:00 pm – The chase pack catches Glaesser and Beveridge and now the lead group has 12-13 riders… Optum’s Denise Ramsden, Lex Albrecht and Annie Ewart are up with the leaders that also include Pilote Fortin,  Tibco’s Fortin (defending champ) and BC’s Kristine Brynjolfson (Trek).

2:15 pm – Cycling BC Coach Richard Wooles is at the feed zone which the riders will soon reach and he says “It looks like a good group have got away… but it’s a nice climb so we’ll see how things get sorted out.”

2:17 pm – BC’s Jenny Lehmann (Trek Red Truck) is trying to bridge to the leaders with Joanie Caron (QC) Colavita ESPN – at 1:15 – the leaders now have two minutes on the pack.

2:20 pm – Lehmann and Caron have joined the lead pack before the climb

2:24 pm – Now the new race leader is Lehmann with Caron in tow… they have attacked up the climb and have 2 min (?) on the chasers.

2:30 pm Wooles reports from the feed zone that Lehmann has a good gap on Caron with Hughes and Glaesser leading the chase pack at 2:10 behind.

Lehmann’s gap is now under a minute as Veronique Labonte (QC) CSM Epinay Sur Saine is just behind her at 11s – chase group at 55s.

Labonte is chasing down Lehmann on the second time up the climb… behind Hughes is driving the pack and they’re gaining on the two leaders.

3:00 pm – Wooles at feed zone, “Lehmann was just being caught by a group of 8-10 riders lead by Hughes and Numainville w/1:10 on three bunches behind

3:15 pm It’s Hughes and Numainville leading a small group now with Glaesser, Shaw, Beveridge, Ramsden, and Lehmann plus ???

3:18 pm Attack by Numainville and Beveridge with Labonte… but it’s shut down fast.

Optum’s Lex Albrecht (QC) has abandoned

40km to go now two groups led by Hughes group of 7-8 riders followed by a second group of 7-8 riders lead by Brynjolfson and Ewart at 30s.

Hughes and Ramsden attack now with 10s over Shaw, Beveridge, Glaesser, Laplante-Lamarche, Numainville

3:32 pm – Glaesser is having mechanical issue. Mechanics on the way…

Less than 20km to go – can Hughes and Ramsden stay away ? Second chase group is gaining now at 40s.

Wooles reports that Hughes and Ramsden just went by with the chasers at 10s. Glaesser dropped her chain is trying to get back on.

3:45 pm – It’s Hughes and Ramsden now with 1:15 on the chasers – Glaesser has rejoined the chasers – about 5km go.

3:50 pm – Hughes & Ramsden were named to Canada’s London 2012 RD Team yesterday… for Hughes it’s multiple times but for Ramsden it’s her first.

Hughes and Ramdsen are almost home – the chasers are now racing for bronze.

4:06 pm – Clara Hughes won her first title 20 years ago, here in Lac Mégantic! And she won yesterday in the TT. Will it be a sweep…?

4:08 pm – 1km to go

4:10 pm – Denise Ramsden from Yellowknife, NWT, is the new Elite and U23 Women’s Road Champ.

4:12 pm – Hughes takes the silver and Numainville the bronze – and there’s your London 2012 Road Team – fancy that.


1.  Denise Ramsden* (ON) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 2:57:06
2. Clara Hughes (QC) Specialized-lululemon
3. Joelle Numainville (QC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 2:20
4. Jasmin Glaesser* (BC) Cycling BC 2:21
5. Rhae-Christie Shaw (ON) Exergy TWENTY12
6. Julie Beveridge (AB) Equipe Vienne Futuroscope
7. Véronique Labonté (QC) CSM Epinay sur Seine
8. Karol-Ann Canuel (QC) Equipe Vienne Futuroscope 5:00
9. Annie Ewart*(BC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 6:28
10. Jenny Lehmann (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 6:41
11. Gabrielle Pilote Fortin* (QC) Equipe du Québec
12. Maghalie Rochette* (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME
13. Myriam Gaudreault (QC) GTH Port 7:59
14. Kristine Brynjolfson (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
15. Élisabeth Albert* (QC) Rocky Mountain-Forget-Aubin 8:09
16. Joanie Caron (QC) Colavita-ESPNw
17. Julia Bradley (ON) RealDealRacing/La Bicicletta 8:10
18. Carrie Cartmill (ON) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery
19. Shoshauna Laxson (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
20. Catherine Dessureault (QC) RealDealRacing/La Bicicletta
21. Ruth McLean* (ON) Powerwatts-FITTIME
22. Marie-Noel Labrecque (QC) 4CX
23. Moriah MacGregor (BC) Cycling BC
24. Virginie Gauthier* (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC
25. Véronique Fortin (QC) TIBCO to the Top 8:16
26. Julie Lafrenière (QC) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 8:41
27. Jozina Vander Klok (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME
28. Alizée Brien* (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC HD
29. Annie Foreman-Mackey* (ON) Team Ontario/Team CHCH HD
30. Rachel Carbonneau (QC) Sportically HD
31. Annick Dufour (QC) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery HD
32. Heather Shearer (ON) Infinit/Cycle Power HD
33. Kelly Knowles (ON) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery HD
34. Alexandria Wilson (QC) Infinit/Cycle Power HD
35. Suzie Brown (ON) P-K Express/Biemme HD
36. Allison Beveridge* (AB) Specialized-Mazda SGC HD
37. Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski* (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC HD
38. Katlyn Dundas* (ON) Team Ontario/Trek Store Cycling Club HD
39. Emily Flynn* (ON) Team Ontario/Tommy and Lefebvre Cycling HD
40. Julie Bellerose (QC) Metromint Cycling HD
41. Elyse Nieuwold* (ON) Team CHCH HD
42. Anne-Marie Morin* (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC HD
43. Tatjana Zaharova (ON) Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes HD
44. Hélène Pilote Fortin* (QC) Equipe du Québec HD
45. Adriane Provost* (QC) Equipe du Québec HD
46. Sarah Rasmussen* (ON) Team Ontario/Hamilton Cycling Club HD
47. Evelyne Gagnon* (QC) Equipe du Québec HD
48. Audrey Bernard* (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
49. Josiane Boily* (QC) Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci HD
50. Nina Nesdoly* (ON) Infinit/Cycle Power HD
DQ Kristen Worley (ON) Cycle Solutions
DNF Rachel Canning (BC) Cycling BC
DNF Annabelle Dumais (QC) Deda/HYPE
DNF Veronik Bourgon (QC) Infinit/Cycle Power
DNF Lex Albrecht (QC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
DNF Ellen Watters (NB) Outdoor Elements
DNF Laurie Dumas* (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME
DNF Florence Laplante Lamarche* (ON) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery
DNS Arlene Marchildon (ON) RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta
DNS Karlee Gendron* (MB) Specialized-Mazda SGC
DNS Nik Vogler (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC

HD=hors de?lai (over time limit)




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