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Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships

February 3, 2006 – With Spring camp in Tucson AZ, just around the corner, Steve Bauer is ready to prepare for the season ahead!

The First-Ever Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships were held last weekend, and Team Bauer held their own…

On the weekend of Jan 27 to Jan 29 the Bauer’s Bandits will join over 120 men’s and women’s teams in Huntsville, Ontario to do battle at Canada’s most popular pastime… hockey.

Up in the Great White North, preparations are well under way to build over 20 pond hockey playing surfaces on Sunset Bay near Deerhurst resort.

Ian Lobb a driving force behind the endeavour has dropped his customary big fat goalie pads for some cyclesport magazines to duck tape to his shins and a jock strap. “I haven’t played out of the crease for years, but I have been working hard on my breakout passes” says Ian.

Steve thinks that it is going to be a really great time to celebrate the sport in good fun. This being said, Steve has been known to raise a few opponents tempers in local leagues where he participates… as the saying goes…”It’s a Canadian Game”

The First-Ever Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships
Champions have been crowned”¬¶for the complete story visit www.canadapondhockey.ca

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