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Canadian National Championships Eligibility – Rule Change

January 16, 2009 – The Canadian Cycling Association Board of Directors recently adopted a motion to change the eligibility rules for national championships which will allow permanent residents and landed immigrants as well as individuals with refugee status to compete in national championships, provided that the individuals have a valid UCI license but will not be eligible for podium positions, prizes, points or other benefits. The board made the decision based on research which sought the opinions of licensed Canadian riders as well as research from the international cycling community. These riders will not have access to the title, prize money. Please refer to the task force report as well as the research conducted on behalf of the CCA by the University of Western Ontario.

Click here for the Final Report of the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) Task Force on Eligibility of Landed Immigrants – November 28, 2008 – PDF 15 KB

Click here for Racing Eligibility: Evaluation of Auxiliary Rules in the Canadian Cycling Association – Qualitative Analysis – Natalie Szudy, Researcher, The University of Western Ontario – PDF 129 KB

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