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Canadian MTB Marathon Championships @ Horseshoe Resort Sept. 13 – Registration Closes Midnight Sept. 9

release by Cycling Canada

Horseshoe_Hustle-201507131245September 09, 2015 (Ottawa, ON) – A spectacular weekend of racing will be offered at Horseshoe Resort, which hosts the 2015 Canadian Mountain Bike Marathon Championships on September 13.

Some of the toughest mountain bikers will go shoulder to shoulders in some of the most difficult Ontario trails at Horseshoe Resort. Organized by Superfly Racing, a premier event organizer, racers on the start lines will be treated to a top event.

“We are VERY excited for this course – using all of Horseshoe’s trails, unearthing CLASSIC trails at the Heights of Horseshoe, and tapping into section of the Copeland that we seek permission to use, will put riders through a myriad of incredible trails!  Get a room at Horseshoe and have a full weekend of fun,” said organizer Sean Ruppel.

The race will be disputed on two laps of a course approximately 35 km in length, which will crown Canada’s top distance riders through a myriad of tough but fun trails. The lap will also utilize parts of the nearby Copeland forest, however limited to the use of mostly doubletrack. Some old trails behind Heights will be unearthed, and every piece of fun trail on the resort side is being used!

Organizers are also opening up old “secret” trails from Chico Racing and Pulse Racing’s historical Heights of Horseshoe Ontario/Canada Cups, offering endless possibilities.

Registration closes tonight at midnight Eastern Time. The Technical Guide is also available.

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