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Canadian Cyclocross Nationals 2011 – Morning Results and Photos

by pedalmag.com

November 05, 2011 (Toronto, ON) – Here are some photos and results from today’s early races (9:30am) at the Canadian Cyclocross Championships taking place today in Toronto’s Pine Point Park where it is currently clear and 4 degrees C – check out the course vid and LIVE timing link as well

Julie Marceau (ON) Lapdogs won the Master 30+ women’s race this morning, in a dominating display. She won by a margin of 1:45 over second place, Melissa Houde (QC) Sportif Bromont. Lori Kofman (ON) Chain Reaction/Molson 67 claimed third at another 6s back.

The Masters 50+ men’s competition saw a field of 25 strong battle for the Canadian title. When the dust settled after three laps of racing, it was Peter Lawrence (AB) Top Gear Road who donned the maple leaf jersey. He put nearly a minute into silver medalist Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall. Peter Wellsman (BC) Pro City Racing grabbed the bronze medal.


Master 30+ Women – 3 laps – 10.5km  
1. Julie Marceau (ON) Lapdogs 0:36:20
2. Mélissa Houde (QC) Sportif Bromont 1:45
3. Lori Kofman (ON) Chain Reaction/Molson 67 1:51
4. Carmen Labbe (QC) CVM Normandin-Mathieu Performance 1:57
5. Shawna Donaldson (AB) Cyclemeisters 1:59
6. Cindy Koo (AB) Deadgoat Racing 2:29
7. Michelle Cordy (ON) HB Cycling Team 3:56
8. Lesley Chown (ON) Team CF 5:13
9. Leslie Greene (ON Chain Reaction/Molson 67 7:43
10. Amanda Leigh Cox (QC) Pirate Cycling League 7:57
DNF Nathalie Mousseau (ON) Reynold Cycle
DNS Aly Armstrong (ON) Team CF

Master 50+ Men – 3 laps – 10.5km  
1. Peter Lawrence (AB) Top Gear Road 0:32:16
2. Robert Orange (QC) Ride with Rendall 0:58
3. Peter Wellsman (BC) Pro City Racing 1:46
4. Craig Fraser (AB) Top Gear/Road 1:57
5. Bob Bergman (ON) Canadian Cycling Magazine 2:01
6. James Laird (ON) First Capital Cycling – Kingston 2:01
7. Jon Arne Enevoldsen (AB) Independant 2:13
8. Robert Sule (ON) Chain Reaction/Molson 67 2:13
9. Peter Kofman (ON) Chain Reaction/Molson 67 2:16
10. Michel Hamel (QC) Club Cycliste De Sherbrooke 2:37
11. Peter Toth (AB) Juventus Cycling 2:53
12. Jon Gee (ON) Ride with Rendall 3:06
13. Colin Funk (ON) First Capital Cycling 3:11
14. Alain Major (QC) Guru Cinelume 3:25
15. Thomas Mackay (ON) Independent 3:33
16. Michael Cranwell (ON) Lapdogs Cycling Club 3:56
17. Jamie Emery (BC) Pro City Racing 4:09
18. Robert Desforges (QC) C.C.Sherbrooke 4:55
19. Giles Marshall (ON) Chain Reaction/Molson 67 4:57
20. Robert Massicotte (ON) Cyclepathmarkham.com 5:20
21. Gilles Cordier (ON) Kunstadt Sports 5:32
22. Murray Wood (ON) Velocity Cycle and Ski 5:32
23. Garnett Abbey (ON) Cyclepath Oakville Race Team 6:31
24. Rob Cheskey (ON) Cyclepath Oakville Race Team 7:18
25. William Packham (ON) Lapdogs Cycling Club 8:48

CX Nationals LIVE Timing HERE.

CX Nationals Course Preview

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