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Canada’s Top Cyclocrossers to Battle for 2018 Canadian National Championships in Peterborough, ON

release by Peterborough Cycling Club

November 10, 2017 (Peterborough, ON) – Fans will have the opportunity to watch Canada’s top cyclocross racers compete for national honours on Saturday, November 10, against the historic backdrop of the one of Canada’s early engineering marvels, the Peterborough Lift Locks.

Michael Van den Ham  ©  Pasquale Stalteri
Presented by the Peterborough Cycling Club (PCC), in conjunction with CykelHaus Race Promotions, a 3-day weekend of cyclocross will see the Canadian Cyclocross Championships sandwiched between a slate of fun, community and fundraising events on Friday, November 9 and UCI C2 races on Sunday, November 11.

“Peterborough has a great cycling culture, and our cyclocross race series in particular has seen tremendous growth over the last several years,” says PCC President Jeff Faulds. “Seeing this develop into selection as the host city for the national championships is incredibly rewarding.”

Winding above, below and even through The Peterborough Lift Locks, the venue promises plenty of elevation and terrain changes to challenge racers of all levels. For spectators, it’s just a short walk to Peterborough’s East City Commercial Area and the city’s vibrant downtown.

“Among cycling disciplines, cyclocross is certainly one of the most engaging and appealing for spectators,” mentions CykelHaus principal John Hauser. “The short course offers great visibility, riders are on the limit from start to finish, and oft-unpredictable conditions make for great racing and give fans plenty to cheer about. It’s something we’re very excited to bring to, and share with, Peterborough.”

“Cyclocross is unique, in that there’s a culture that surrounds it that’s not seen in most other sports. Hand-ups, cowbells, heckling, costumes… it’s equal parts sport and carnival at times. We’re focused on delivering a memorable weekend for racers and spectators alike” adds Faulds.

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