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Canada’s Rollin Second at Suzuki Pro-Am Challenge

August 18, 2007 (Downers Grove, IL) – The Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team, presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. opened the USPRO Criterium Championship weekend with Dominique Rollin taking second in a wet and wild ride at the Suzuki Pro-Am Challenge.

Following an afternoon of heavy downpours, the pro/amateur men’s field took the line to battle it out on the still rain slicked roads of Downers Grove. The .6-kilometer course is the same upon which riders will compete on Sunday in the USPRO Criterium Championships. On Sunday, the top American rider earns the right to wear the Stars-and Stripes national champion’s jersey in criteriums for the next year.

Shortly into the race, a six man breakaway formed and gained a solid 30-second advantage on the field. As riders took risks and suffered crashes behind, the breakaway worked well together for much of the race. As the 60-minute race drew to a close, the breakaway was almost absorbed by the field. In the final meters, the race became a sprint between Ken Hanson of BMC and Kodak Gallery’s Rollin with Hanson taking the win.

After the race, Team director Kurt Stockton shared his views on the race, “Dom was definitely looking strong today. The rest of the team rode really well – all in all, it was a good warm up for Sunday’s race.”

The racing action heats up again with the 3:00PM Central Time start of the USPRO Championships on Sunday.


1. Brooke Miller (USA) Team TIBCO 0.44.46
2. Alison Power (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
3. Katharine Carroll (USA) Aaron’s Pro Cycling
4. Laura Bowles (USA) Team Advil
5. Tina Pic (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
6. Shontele Gauthier (USA) Austin Flyers
7. Samantha Schneider (USA) Mesacyles
8. Carmen McNellis (USA) Aarons/L5Flyers
9. Hutchison-Krupat (USA) Aaron’s Corporate Furnishings
10. Heather Sborz (USA) Team Kenda Tire
11. Holly Borowski (USA) US Armed Forces
12. Nicola Wansgard (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
13. Sarah Caravella (USA) Aarons Pro cycling
14. Hannah Banks (USA) ValueAct Capital Cycling
15. Martina Patella (USA) ValueAct Capital Cycling
16. Monique Hanley (Aus) Team Type 1 Monitored by
17. Taitt Sato (USA) ValueAct Capital Cycling
18. Catherine Cheatley (NZl) Cheerwine
19. Sarah Tillotson (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
20. Sharon Allpress (USA) ValueAct Capital Cycling
21. Mackenzie Diekey (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
22. christy keely (USA) wolverine
23. Katie Weber (USA) XPLANE Team Revolution
24. Catherine Powers (USA) Aaron’s Professional Women’s
25. Kristin Sanders (USA) Aarons Corporate Furnishings
26. Andrea Dvorak (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
27. Leigh Valletti (USA) Targetraining
28. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Cheerwine
29. Heather Labance (USA) Team Advil
30. Brenda Lyons (USA) Team Lipton
31. Christina Smith (USA) Lone Star Works/ Colonels
32. Lara Kroepsch (USA) Team Lipton
33. Anne Felts (USA) Mercy Cycling Team
34. Beth Galenti (USA) American Dairyland
35. Andrea Myers (USA) Targetraining
36. Carrie Cash (USA) XPLANE Team Revolution


1. Ken Hanson (USA) BMC 1.08.19
2. Dominque Rollin (Can) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
3. Darren Lill (USA) Navigators
4. William Frischkorn (USA) Team Slipstream
5. Brad Huff (USA) Team Slipstream
6. Charles Dionne (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
7. Emile Abraham (USA) Priority Health/Bissell
8. Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team
9. Chad Hartley (USA) BMC
10. Daniel Schmatz (USA) BMC
11. Steve Tilford (USA) HRRC/Trek Stores
12. Mark Hekman (USA) A&F Pro Development
13. Adam Myerson (USA) Nerac Pro Cycling
14. Ben Rady (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
15. Keith Norris (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork
16. Eric Keim (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork
17. Alejandro Acton (USA) Colavita Sutter Home
18. Chris Frederick (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork
19. Matt Crane (USA) Health Net presented by
20. Ryan White (USA) PCW Cycling
21. Jesse Anthony (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
22. Dan Timmerman (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
23. Evan Elker (USA) Jittery Joes
24. Matt Shriver (USA) Jittery Joes
25. Mark Walters (Can) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
26. Neil Shirley (USA) Jittery Joes
27. Scottie Weiss (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork
28. Brian Dziewa (USA) Jelly Belly
29. Brice Jones (USA) Jelly Belly
30. Cody O’Reilly (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
31. Michael Sayers (USA) BMC
32. robert white (USA) PCW Cycling
33. Steve Reaney (USA) California Giant Berry
34. Mike Sherer (USA) Pony Shop
35. Patrick Walsh (USA) NERAC Pro Cycling
36. Isaac Neef (USA) Alderfer Bergen
37. Lang Reynolds (USA) Hagens Berman, LLP
38. Ian Holt (USA) Team Einsteins Cycing
39. kelly ruddick (USA) wild oats pb als barbershop
40. Christopher Jones (USA) NERAC Pro Cycling
41. Kiel Reijnen (USA) Hagens Berman, LLP
42. Chris Wherry (USA) Toyota-United Pro Cycling
43. Michael Norton (USA) Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team
44. Kirk Carlsen (USA) Team Rubicon
45. daniel holt (USA) NERAC Pro Cycling
46. Jason Macom (USA) Mercy Development Cycling
47. Jake Rytlewski (USA) Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team
48. Stephan Kincaid (USA) Rite Aid Pro Cycling Team
49. Pete Lopinto (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
50. Mike Cody (USA) Jelly Belly
51. Frank Travieso (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork
52. Derek Goerke (USA) Team Einsteins Cycing
53. Randy Reichardt (USA) Hart
54. Steven Cozza (USA) Team Slipstream
55. Matthew Belcher (USA) Team TURIN
56. Ian McKissick (USA) BMC
57. Devon Vigus (USA) California Giant Berry Farms /
58. Garrett Peltonen (USA) PRIORITY/BISSELL
59. Dan Bouman (USA) Kelly Benefit
60. Ryan Knapp (USA) Alderfer Bergen
61. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni
62. David Galvin (USA) BMC
63. Josh Thornton (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra
64. Omen Kem (USA) Priority Health/Bissell
66. Morgan Schmitt (USA) PRIORITY/BISSELL
67. Josh England (NZl) A&F Pro Development
68. Josh Carter (USA) ABD Cycling Team

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