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Canada’s Nyhaug Wins Pan Am Games BMX Time Trial as Pajon Tops Women’s Field – Report, Full Results, Photos UPDATED

by pedalmag.com

July 10, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – As the TO2015 Pan Am Games got underway today, Canada’s top BMX rider, Tory Nyhaug, took home his first-ever men’s Time Trial victory, christening the new Centennial Park BMX Track with a historic strong result.

Tory Nyhaug in action...  ©  Ivan Rupes
The non-medal TT event determines the seeding runs for the BMX Supercross main motos and final on Saturday, July 11. Fellow Canuck James Brown finished 6th, which is a great confidence booster for both riders, and kicks off the cycling portion of the Games on a positive note.

James Brown  ©  Ivan Rupes

“Won the time trial today! Stoked to qualify first and get my first TT win. Onto racing tomorrow,” tweeted Nyhaug who just won his fifth Canadian BMX Elite Men’s title in Drummondville, QC, last weekend.

Carlos Mario Oquendo  ©  Ivan Rupes

Third in the TT qualifier, Nyhaug of Coquitlam, BC took home silver in the BMX Supercross main event at the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Last Sept. he was third at a BMX Supercross World Cup in Argentina for his second WCup podium. Today Brown qualified 9th to also make the final.

Gonzalo Molina  ©  Ivan Rupes

Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Colombia) placed second with Gonzalo Molina (Argentina) third. Connor Fields (United States of America), today’s top qualifier, ended up 14th.

Mariana Pajon (Col)  ©  Ivan Rupes

Mariana Pajon Londono (Colombia), known as the Queen of BMX and the current Pan Am, Olympic and world champion, was unstoppable as she won the qualification run and the final as well.

Stefany Hernandez  ©  Ivan Rupes
Felicia Stancil (USA)  ©  Peter Kraiker
Venezuela’s Stefany Mendoza Hernandez was second while the USA’s Felicia Stancil was third.¬†Argentina’s multi-decorated Maria Gabriela Diaz and her sister Mariana Diaz were fourth and fifth followed by the USA’s Alise Post in 6th.

Maria Gabriela Diaz  ©  Peter Kraiker
Amelia Walsh  ©  Peter Kraiker

Reigning Canadian Elite women’s champ, Amelia Walsh, and teammate Daina Tuchscherer placed 9th and 10th in the qualification and did not advance to final. Both hope to build on their results for Saturday’s main event.

Daina Tuchscherer  ©  Peter Kraiker


Men’s Final

1. Tory Nyhaug (Canada) 36.113
2. Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Colombia) 0.421
3. Gonzalo Molina (Argentina) 0.831
4. Ramiro Carlomagno Marino (Argentina) 0.91
5. Renato Rezende (Brazil) 1.195
6. James Brown (Canada) 1.298
7. Nicholas Long (United States of America) 1.47
8. Emilio Falla Buchely (Ecuador) 1.913
9. Anderson Ezequiel de Souza Filho (Brazil) 1.929
10. Christopher Mireles (Mexico) 2.351
11. Jefferson Milano Duran (Venezuela) 2.409
12. Elias Aguirre (Chile) 2.771
13. Jaime Cuenca Quintanilla (Bolivia) 3.255
14. Connor Fields (United States of America) 24.08
15. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes (Colombia) 36.248
DNF Zaithyel Soekandar (Aruba) DNF

Women’s Final

1. Mariana Pajon Londono (Colombia) 39.914
2. Stefany Mendoza Hernandez (Venezuela) 0.949
3. Felicia Stancil (United States of America) 1.067
4. Maria Gabriela Diaz (Argentina) 2.052
5. Mariana Diaz (Argentina) 2.186
6. Alise Post (United States of America) 31.529

Men’s Qualifications

1. Connor Fields (United States of America) 36.120 Q
2. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes (Colombia) 0.420 Q
3. Tory Nyhaug (Canada) 0.520 Q
4. Ramiro Carlomagno Marino (Argentina) 1.030 Q
5. Gonzalo Molina (Argentina) 1.050 Q
6. Anderson Ezequiel de Souza Filho (Brazil) 1.220 Q
7. Renato Rezende (Brazil) 1.290 Q
8. Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Colombia) 1.350 Q
9. James Brown (Canada) 1.760 Q
10. Emilio Falla Buchely (Ecuador) 1.770 Q
11. Nicholas Long (United States of America) 1.930 Q
12. Christopher Mireles (Mexico) 2.250 Q
13. Jefferson Milano Duran (Venezuela) 2.390 Q
14. Zaithyel Soekandar (Aruba) 2.470 Q
15. Elias Aguirre (Chile) 3.000 Q
16. Jaime Cuenca Quintanilla (Bolivia) 3.340 Q
17. Esteban Yaffar (Bolivia) 3.400
18. Maliek Byndloss (Jamaica) 6.640
19. Juan Carlos Zuniga Canani (Peru) 7.970
20. Jaime Koochoy Wong (Peru) 8.230
21. Enrique Luis Diaz Cedeno (Venezuela) 40.600
22. Alfredo Campo Vintimilla (Ecuador) 1:32.320
DNS Cristobal Palominos (Chile)
DNS Alan Roman (Mexico)

Women’s Qualifications

1. Mariana Pajon Londono (Colombia) 39.430 Q
2. Alise Post (United States of America) 0.800 Q
3. Stefany Mendoza Hernandez (Venezuela) 1.460 Q
4. Felicia Stancil (United States of America) 1.700 Q
5. Maria Diaz (Argentina) 2.140 Q
6. Mariana Diaz (Argentina) 2.510 Q
7. Domenica Azuero Gonzalez (Ecuador) 2.770
8. Priscila Andreia Stevaux Carvaval (Brazil) 3.200
9. Amelia Walsh (Canada) 4.000
10. Daina Tuchscherer (Canada) 04.010
11. Thaynara Morosini Chaves (Brazil) 4.690
12. Maria Paulina Osorno Calderon (Colombia) 4.920
13. Rosario Aguilera (Chile) 5.030
14. Karla Carrera Chala (Ecuador) 6.190

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