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Canada’s Beveridge 2nd at North Star Grand Prix Stage 4 Uptown Criterium

by Clara Beard/North Star Grand Prix

June 17, 2017 (Minneapolis, Minn.) – Marlies Mejías (Shimano Weber) claimed an impressive victory at stage 4 of the North Star Grand Prix after placing herself in perfect position to win a bikelength ahead of Allison Beveridge (Rally Cycling) and Ellen Noble (Colavita-Bianchi), who took second and third respectively.

Marlies Mejías wins over Allison Beveridge  ©  Stephanie Willams
“I was alone on the last three laps, so I had to find my way onto the Rally and Tibco train,” Mejías said. “I’m very happy for this win and to be competitive with the big teams here in the United States.”

Mejías’ win boosts her to second overall behind North Memorial race leader Emma White (Rally Cycling). The Cuban rider is putting pressure on White’s lead, who holds onto yellow by just two seconds.

Jerseys Stage 4  ©  Stephanie Willams
“It’s getting close,” White said. “We’re going to have to get back as many seconds as we can. In these last two stages there’s a little bit more climbing, so we’ll see how that goes. We still have the yellow jersey, so we can’t be too disappointed. We’re going to continue to fight. I’m feeling great and have a great team behind me.”

White also holds onto her lead in the Greg Lemond best young rider jersey after today’s stage. Tayler Wiles (UHC) is still the Shimano queen of the hill leader and Mejías moves into the Jack Link’s sprinter jersey. Ariane Bonhomme (Cyclery) is the Diamondback best amateur.


1. Marlies Mejias Garcia (Weber Shimano Ladies Power) 0:54:23
2. Allison Beveridge (Rally Cycling) 0:54:23
3. Ellen Noble (Colavita/Bianchi USA) 0:54:23
4. Emma White (Rally Cycling) 0:54:23
5. Kendall Ryan (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank)  0:54:23

GC after Stage 4
1. Emma White (Rally Cycling) 4:55:15
2. Marlies MejiasGarcia (Weber Shimano Ladies Power) 0:02
3. Ruth Winder (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:08
4. Brianna Walle (Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) 0:14
5. Rushlee Buchanan (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:15

Greg LeMond Best Young Rider Standings
1. Emma White (Rally Cycling 4:55:15
2. Ariane Bonhomme The Cyclery – 4iiii) 0:57
3. Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling) 1:01
4. Janelle Cole (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 1:10
5. Ellen Noble (Colavita/Bianchi USA) 1:11

Diamondback Best Amateur Standings
1. Ariane Bonhomme (The Cyclery – 4iiii) 4:56:12
2. Lily Williams (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling) 0:08
3. Tarah Cole (Orion Racing p/b K’ul Chocolate) 0:11
4. Ashlee Ankudinoff (North Memorial Healthcare) 0:22
5. Carrie Cartmill (Rise Racing) 0:26

Ellen Watters Most Aggressive Rider Standings – Women
1. Kirsti Lay (Rally Cycling) 0:01

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