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Canada’s Barry Denies Landis Allegations

by pedalmag.com

May 21, 2010 (Porto Recanti, Italy) – We caught up with Canada’s Michael Barry (Team Sky) prior to the start of Stage 13 at the Giro where he’s racing following the uproar caused by Floyd Landis who has named many riders in his allegations about doping while admitting to doping himself for most of his cycling career. Barry along with other high profile riders including Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer from Radioshack appear in letters Landis emailed to USA Cycling’s chief, Steve Johnson, on April 30 – read more here.

What’s your reactions to the Floyd Landis allegations?
Michael Barry: I am stunned and shocked at the allegations from Floyd. They are completely untrue. A few years ago, I trained with him for two days prior to the Vuelta – one 6-hour ride and one 2-hour ride. I did not share or use any banned substances such as EPO.

What steps are you taking given the circumstances?
MB: Since the allegations are untrue I will defend myself and the sport. I am proud to be an advocate for change in cycling and I’m proud to be an athlete who competes without the use of any banned substance.

When was the last time you saw or interacted with Landis?
MB: We said hello at the Tour of California last year but other than that I haven’t spoken with him since he was suspended.

Any thoughts as to why is Landis coming out with these allegations at this time?
MB: I have no idea.

How is your team reacting?
MB: They have been extremely supportive. The team reviews every rider’s UCI blood tests prior to signing them – which they did with me – and have a strong anti-doping stance, which is one reason I came to the team. In the past I have also been a member of teams that have been staunch supporters of anti-doping and have required additional stringent testing of their athletes.

Anything else you’d like to add ?
MB: Thanks to everybody who has been so supportive.

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