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Canada Summer Games Women’s Criterium Full Results – Ellsay Wins

by pedalmag.com

August 12, 2017 (Winnipeg, MB) – B.C.’s Gillian Ellsay took home her second gold winning the 40km Women’s Criterium with Quebec’s Simone Boilard second and Katherine Maine (Ontario) third as the cycling events at the Canada Summer Games wrapped up on Saturday.


Final Points Standings
1. Gillian Ellsay (British Columbia) 30 pts
2. Simone Boilard (Quebec) 22
3. Katherine Maine (Ontario) 13
4. Sarah Van Dam (British Columbia) 11
5. Ariane Bonhomme (Quebec) 1
6. Catherine Ouellette (Quebec)
7. Callie Swan (British Columbia)
8. Anna Gabrielle Traxler (Alberta)
9. Ruby West (Ontario)
10. Anna Talman (Alberta)
11. Emily Marcolini (Ontario)
12. Hillary Lowry (Ontario)
13. Brenna Pauly (British Columbia)

Order at Finish
1. Gillian Ellsay (British Columbia) 1:05:18
2. Simone Boilard (Quebec) 0:45
3. Katherine Maine (Ontario)
4. Sarah van Dam (British Columbia)
5. Catherine Ouellette (Quebec)
6. Anna Talman (Alberta) 0:48
7. Callie Swan (British Columbia)
8. Ariane Bonhomme (Quebec)
9. Anna Gabrielle Traxler (Alberta) 0:51
10. Emily Marcolini (Ontario) 0:54
11. Hillary Lowry (Ontario)
12. Ruby West (Ontario) 0:59
13. Brenna Pauly (British Columbia) 1:17
PUL Laura Clarke (New Brunswick)
PUL Danielle Dumouchel (New Brunswick)
PUL Amanda Lee (New Brunswick)
PUL Sarah Gilbert (New Brunswick)
PUL Rebecca Man (Manitoba)
PUL Chloe Penner (Manitoba)
PUL Mary Prendergast (Manitoba)
PUL Madeleine Dupuis (Manitoba)
PUL Nicole Cripps (Saskatchewan)
PUL Holly Simonson (British Columbia)
PUL Kaitlyn Rauwerda (Ontario)
PUL Ann-Pascale Ouellet (Quebec)
PUL Dafné Théroux Izquierdo (Quebec)
DNF Eva Poidevin (Alberta)
DNS Abbey Mcgill (Alberta)

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