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Canada Summer Games Selection at Niagara Hamilton Classic

May 17, 2005 – The road race (Sunday May 22nd) of the Niagara Hamilton Classic will be a Canada Summer Games Selection event. Riders wishing to represent Ontario at the CSG in Regina are required to participate.

The men’s selection will take place in the Senior 1/2 event. Junior and Senior 3 riders wishing to compete must apply to the OCA for a temporary upgrade in advance of the event. These temporary riders will not be eligible for Ontario Cup or upgrade points. These temporary riders will be required to race in the Senior 1/2 criterium on the following day. The CSG event will be shorter than the Senior 1/2 however riders have the option to finish the senior 1/2 distance.

The women’s selection will take place in the women’s event. Temporary upgrades will not be required.

CSG riders will be signing on a separate sign-in sheet.

The Niagara Hamilton Classic is a preregistration only event. Riders must preregister. Only the road race is a selection event however riders must sign up for both days. For men, please register in the Senior 1/2 field.

Gear restriction rules will be in effect.

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