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Canada MTB Cup XC #1 – Live Updates

by pedalmag.com

May 16, 2010 (Baie-Saint-Paul, QC) – The Canada MTB Cup 2010 season kicks off today with XC #1 in Baie-Saint-Paul, QC. Conditions are great with sunny blue skies and over 500 racers are registered for the weekend of racing. The Junior Expert Women (3 laps) and Men (5 laps) will be racing with the Senior Women (5 laps) and Men (6 laps) at 12 noon on a revamped 5km course on the outskirts of town. Top rider Marie-Hélène Prémont (QC) Maxxis-Rocky Mountain is not on the start line as previously thought.

Lap 1
The USA’s Ishai Rotem (Jamis), Eric Batty (Trek Canada) and Craig Richey (Aviawest – Blue Competition Cycles) jump to the front as the Elite men are off.

Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Women’s MTB) is off the front in the Elite women’s race followed by team mate Sandra Walter with Caroline Villeneuve (Norco Factory Team) in 3rd.

For the Junior men Evan McNeely (EMD Serono/Specialized CC) is leading followed by Antoine Caron (CVM Subway-Génétik) in second with Léandre Bouchard (Cyclone d’Alma) in 3rd.

Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing) is the race leader in the Junior women’s race followed by Cayley Brooks (Team Ontario/Hardwood) in second with Justine Morin (CCS/Dalbix) in 3rd.

Lap 2
Kris Sneddon (KONA) is leading the Elite men’s race as they start lap 2 followed by Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team) in second with Max Plaxton (Specialized/Shoi) in third and Raphaël Gagne (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team) in 4th.

Catherine Vipond (Norco) has taken over the Elite women’s lead with Walter in second and Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing) in third.

Bouchard is the Junior men’s leader now followed by Mitch Bailey (Team Ontario) in second with Caron in 3rd.

Kristina Laforge (Cyclone d’Alma) has a 1min plus lead in the Junior women’s race as they start lap two followed by Brooks in second with Valérie Meunier (Cyclone d’Alma) in 3rd, Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team) is 4th – Bietola is in 6th.

Lap 3
As the Elite men begin the third lap it’s Watson leading followed closely by Plaxton with Gagne just behind now overtaking Sneddon for 3rd.

Kofman has taken over the lead in the Elite women’s race with 5s over (we think) Poland’s Aleksandra Mooradian (K.Bedford/Verge/Spin) with Walter now in third.

Sébastien Belisle (RST Vélosports) has surged through the ranks to take a commanding lead in the Junior men’s race of almost 2 min followed by Bouchard in second with Bailey in third.

Justine Desmarais (CVM Val-David) is the new race leader for the junior women on their final lap followed by Laforge in second.

Lap 4
Watson comes thru first in the Elite men’s race followed closed by Plaxton – Gagne is fourth – we’re not sure who’s in 3rd.

Belisle was caught and has faded to 4th as Bouchard has regained the lead as the Junior men begin lap 4 followed by Bailey in second with Evan McNeely now in 3rd.

Kofman has 30s over Poland’s Mooradian as the Elite women start lap 4 with Local Ride’s Walter still in third.

Laforge has won the Junior women’s race – Bietola was second about 3 min back followed by Meunier in 3rd.

Lap 5
Watson is holding on to the lead and can’t shake Plaxton who is with him as they begin lap 5 – Gagne has taken over 3rd again. About a minute behind them are Sneddon, Daniel Sessford (Aviawest-Blue Competition Cycles) and Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Planet Sports.ca).

Bouchard has 30s on Bailey as the Junior men begin their last lap with McNeely in 3rd another 30s back.

Kofman comes thru to begin the Elite women’s final lap followed closely by Poland’s Mooradian with Walter trailing by 45s in third. About 1min back is McKirdy with Cindy Montambault (CVM Val-David) in 5th.

Lap 6
Watson and Plaxton come thru on the Elite men’s final lap. About 1:45 behind is Gagne with Sessford in 4th and Sneddon in 5th – can Watson hold on…?

Results (Unofficial)

Junior Women

1. Kristina Laforge (Cyclone d’Alma)
2. Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing)
3. Valérie Meunier (Cyclone d’Alma)
4. Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team)
5. Emily Fisher (Indépendant)

Junior Men

1. Léandre Bouchard (Cyclone d’Alma)
2. Mitch Bailey (Team Ontario)
3. Evan McNeely (EMD Serono/Specialized CC)
4. Antoine Caron (CVM Subway-Génétik)
5. Antoine Donahue-Laliberté (CCS/Dalbix)

Elite Women

1. Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing)
2. Aleksandra Mooradian (Pol) K.Bedford/Verge/Spin
3. Sandra Walter (Local Ride Women’s MTB)

Elite Men

1. Max Plaxton (Specialized/Shoi)
2. Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team)
3. Raphaël Gagne (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team)
4. Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)Cannondale Factory Racing
5. Daniel Sessford (Aviawest-Blue Competition Cycles)
6. Kris Sneddon (KONA)

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