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Canada MTB Cup XC #1 Baie-Saint-Paul Report, Full Results

by Sandra Walter

May 17, 2009 (Baie-Saint-Paul, QC) – The first Canada Cup XC race of the 2009 season is in the bag and your series leaders are: Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing, Emily Batty (ON) Trek Store Toronto, Mitch Bailey (ON) Team Ontario, and Lauren Bietola (ON) 3 Rox Racing. The weather turned out better than expected with warm temperatures and sunshine. Heavy rain fell throughout the night, but it affected the loamy, rooty course less than expected. The roots naturally became slicker, but course conditions remained excellent.

Zandstra won the six-lap, 30km elite men’s race in a time of 1:54:39, nearly two minutes ahead of Andrew Watson (ON) Norco Factory Team, who moved his way up to second. Julien Fillion (QC) Devinci took the bronze medal, 3:15 behind the winner. Matt Hadley (NB) Xprezo took fourth, followed by Léni Trudel (QC) Independent in fifth. There was the usual carnage on course. Raphaël Gagné (QC) Maxxis-Rocky Mountain appeared to have a tough go, finishing well back, and Stefan Widmer (BC) Rocky Mountain Factory suffered a broken derailleur hanger when a stick got stuck in his spokes mid-race.

Batty took the holeshot in the five-lap, 25km elite women’s race and led the entire way, increasing her advantage to more than five minutes over second place, Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing. The order of the top four was already established on the first lap, with Catherine Vipond (ON) Norco Factory Team maintaining third place, and Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Local Ride Women’s MTB holding onto fourth, despite her chasing team mate, Sandra Walter (BC) Local Ride Women’s MTB, who fell to seventh while fixing chain suck on lap one, and finished less than a minute behind McKirdy in fifth.

The Junior Men also raced five laps in what was a close battle. Bailey, who showed his strength when he won the Ontario Cup at Albion Hills last weekend, took today’s Canada Cup in a time of 1:44:50, two minutes ahead of second place, Nicolas Tremblay (QC) Independent. Andrew l’Esperance (QC) Cyclesmith was only six seconds behind Tremblay for third. Leandre Bouchard (QC) Cyclone d’Alma was another 37s back for fourth, while Patrick Chartrand (QC) CVM Val David placed fifth, 17s back of Bouchard.

The Junior Women’s race saw Bietola take the victory in 1:20.19 after four laps and 20km. She beat out second place, Kristina Laforge (QC) Cyclone D’Alma, by 3:02 and third place, Cayley Brooks (ON) Team Ontario, by 3:35. Marjorie Lavoie (QC) CVM Val David) finished fourth at 4:41, and Valérie Meunier (QC) Cyclone D’Alma took fifth, 5:22 back.

The Canada Cup Series moves to perennial favourite venue Mont Tremblant, QC next weekend with XC #2 on Saturday and DH #1 on Sunday.

Quebec Cup results here.


Junior Women – 20km
1. Laura Bietola (Can) 3 Rox Racing 1:20:19
2. Kristina Laforge (Can) Cyclone d’Alma 03:02
3. Cayley Brooks (Can) Team Ontario 03:35
4. Marjorie Lavoie (Can) CVM Val-David 04:41
5. Valérie Meunier (Can) Cyclone d’Alma 05:22
6. Justine Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix – 1 lap
7. Natasha Oldcorn (Can) Jet Power – 1 lap
8. St̩phanie Vialle (Can) CVM Val-David Р2 laps
DNF Marie-Helaine Bradet (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix
DNS Joanie Laflamme (Can) Accro Vélo Val-d’Or

Junior Men – 25km
1. Mitch Bailey (Can) Team Ontario 1:44:50
2. Nicolas Tremblay (Can) Indépendant 02:06
3. Andrew LEspérance (Can) Cyclesmith/BNS 02:12
4. Léandre Bouchard (Can) Cyclone d’Alma 02:49
5. Patrick Chartrand (Can) CVM Val-David 03:06
6. Xavier Perreault (Can) Accro Vélo Val-dOr 04:22
7. Alexis Cartier (Can) CVM Val-David 04:41
8. Jérémy Martin (Can) Lessard Bicycles 04:44
9. Steven Noble (Can) Team Ontario 05:06
10. Tyson Wagler (Can) Two Wheel Express 07:03
11. Jean-Philippe Côté (Can) Vélo Plein-Air 07:23
12. Evan McNeely (Can) J&J Cycle, Kingston 07:26
13. Antoine Caron (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 08:06
14. Ryan Shaun MacDonald (Can) Bicycle Nova Scotia 12:48
15. Emmanuel Boily (Can) Cyclone d’Alma 12:54
16. Sébastien Bourgault (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 13:53
17. Martin Dessureault (Can) Gaspésien 15:42
18. Marc-André Desmeules (Can) Acidose Lactique 16:37
19. Yannick Lapierre (Can) CVM Val-David 16:41
20. Benoit Paradis Letarte (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 16:45
21. Conor OBrien (Can) EMD Serono Specialized 16:45
22. Steve Fréchette (Can) Indépendant 17:34
23. Samuel Dostie-Ménard (Can) Skinouk-VDM 21:55
24. Philippe Dépault (Can) Sportif Bromont 22:11
25. Nikita Touchette-Lebel (Can) Beauport 22:27
26. Guillaume Bauret (Can) Acidose Lactique 26:51
27. Sébastien Belisle (Can) RST Vélosports 27:59
28. Pascal Laprise-Demers (Can) V̩lo 2 Max St-F̩licien Р1 lap
29. Vincent Caron (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
30. Samuel Gazaille (Can) VéloÉpic – 1 lap
31. Hugo Vezina-Lampron (Can) Lessard Bicycles – 1 lap
32. Steven Turcotte (Can) Lessard Bicycles – 1 lap
33. Simon Gauthier (Can) Ind̩pendant Р2 laps
DNF Mathieu Gasse (Can) Vélo Plein-Air
DNF Jared Stafford (Can) Bikesports Racing
DNF Preston Wagler (Can) Two Wheel Express
DNF Simon Boisvert (Can) Le Yéti
DNF François Lehoux (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik
DNF Dominic Simard (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNS Guillaume Lessard (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond

Elite Women – 25km
1. Emily Batty (Can) Trek Store Race Team 1:52:05
2. Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing 05:13
3. Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team 06:54
4. Jean Ann McKirdy (Can) Local Ride Elite Women’s MTB Team 09:07
5. Sandra Walter (Can) Local Ride Elite Women’s MTB Team 10:01
6. Karine Travaillaud (Can) Cycles des Monts 11:02
7. Caroline Villeneuve (Can) Norco Factory Team 14:12
8. Kathleen Villeneuve (Can) Cycles des Monts 15:03
9. Marie-Claude Surprenant (Can) Xprezo 16:47
10. Josiane Mathieu (Can) Demers-Specialized 18:25
11. Melanie Vaughan (Can) Steed Cycles 18:51
12. Cindy Montambault (Can) Accro Vélo Val-dOr 20:25
13. Rébecca Beaumont (Can) Équipe du Québec/Cyclone Dalma 20:53
14. Katherine Short (Can) Ind 22:47
15. Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
16. Marie Allaire (Can) Xprezo – 1 lap
17. Andr̩anne Pichette (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
18. Anne-Marie Jobin (Can) Warrior Racing – 1 lap
19. St̩phanie Lacoursi̬re (Can) Cyclone dAlma Р1 lap
20. Genevieve Larouche (Can) Xprezo – 2 laps
21. Sarah Moore (Can) CVM Val-David – 2 laps
DNF Justine Robidoux (Can) Indépendant

Elite Men – 30km
1. Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing 1:54:39
2. Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team 01:54
3. Julien Fillion (Can) Devinci 03:15
4. Matthew Hadley (Can) Xprezo 03:54
5. Leni Trudel (Can) Indépendant 03:57
6. Benoit Simard (Can) EMD Serono Specialized 05:58
7. Eric Batty (Can) Trek Toronto 06:08
8. Craig Richey (Can) Blue Competition Cycles 06:18
9. Adam Morka (Can) Trek Store Race Team 07:02
10. Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona 08:02
11. Raphaël Gagné (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bicycles 08:54
12. Andrew Freye (USA) 29er Crew/Andrewfreye.com 09:38
13. Roddi Lega (Can) Pedalhead 10:00
14. Brian Bain (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle 10:06
15. Francis Morin (Can) Indépendant 10:44
16. Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Store Racing Team 10:56
17. Daniel Sessford (Can) Blue Competition Cycles 11:47
18. Thomas Skinner (Can) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized 12:21
19. Ryan Atkins (Can) Team Ontario 13:39
20. Cameron Jette (Can) Team Ontario 13:58
21. Nathan Ringquist (USA) 3D Racing 14:14
22. Stu Alp (Can) Norco Factory 15:36
23. Simon Happy (Can) RST Vélosports 15:37
24. Marc-André Daigle (Can) Warrior Racing 16:06
25. Olivier Bordeleau (Can) Xprezo 16:30
26. Vincent Meunier (Can) EMD Serono Specialized 16:49
27. Marc Plante (Can) LÉlite Vélozone 18:25
28. Steve Caillé (Can) La Cordée 18:32
29. Zachary Hughes (Can) Indépendant 18:49
30. John Burns (USA) Bikeman.com 19:03
31. Simon Lalancette (Can) Devinci 20:48
32. Patrick Mimeault (Can) La Vie Sportive 23:26
33. Robert Herber (USA) Dixonart.com 23:58
34. S̩bastien Cadieux-Duval (Can) CVM Val-David Р1 lap
35. Mathieu B̩langer Barrette (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
36. Simon Marchand (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle – 1 lap
37. Gino Ricci (Can) Biogen Idec – 1 lap
38. Charles Blanchet-Levesque (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
39. Matthew Paziuk (Can) Norco Evolution Team – 1 lap
40. Luc Doiron (Can) Marin Bikes – 1 lap
41. Yoan Lemieux-LaNeuville (Can) Ind̩pendant Р1 lap
42. Eric Jeannotte (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA – 1 lap
43. Julien Marceau (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р1 lap
44. Pierre-Louis Chamberland (Can) CVM Val-David – 2 laps
45. Pierre-Yves Nadeau (Can) Lessard Bicycles – 2 laps
46. Imad Elghazal (Lib) Ind̩pendant Р2 laps
47. Jonathan Boucher (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р2 laps
48. Nicolas Maltais (Can) Cyclone dAlma – 2 laps
49. Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) CCS/Dalbix – 2 laps
50. Julien Veilleux (Can) CVM Val-David – 2 laps
51. Christian Fournier (Can) CVM Subway-G̩n̩tik Р2 laps
52. Pascal Dumaresq (Can) CVM Normandin – 2 laps
53. François-Charles Dumas (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda -3 laps
54. Charles Lachance (Can) CVM Normandin -3 laps
55. Ben Bschaden (Can) Bicycle Nova Scotia -3 laps
56. Mathieu Maltais (Can) Indépendant -3 laps
DNF Stefan Widmer (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team
DNF Louis-Rémy Marier (Can) Ryno Performance
DNF Adam Snyder (USA) Jamis / BikeZone
DNF Mathieu Boily-Tremblay (Can) Marin Bikes

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