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Canada Games Women’s Road Race FULL Results, Photos – Quebec Sweeps Podium

by pedalmag.com
August 14, 2013 (Sherbrooke, QC) – Alizée Brien was on mission today, leading a Quebec podium sweep, as she earned a resounding victory in the women’s 73.22km (7×10.46km) road race at the Canada Games. Brien scorched out a 5-min lead by the finish with second-place going to Adriane Provost who attacked from the chasing pack with 1.5km to go, as Elizabeth Albert took 3rd.



1. Alizée Brien  (Quebec)  17:23.0
2. Adriane Provost  (Quebec)  22:15.0
3. Elisabeth Albert  (Quebec)  23:30.0
4. Anne-Marie B. Morin (Quebec)
5. Annie Foreman-Mackey  (Ontario)
6. Karlee Gendron  (Manitoba)
7. Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (Quebec)  23:33.0
8. Tessa Pinckston (British Columbia) 23:49.0
9. Gillian Ellsay (British Columbia) 25:46.0
10. Brenna Keeley Pauly (British Columbia)
11. Sarah Anne Rasmussen (Ontario)
12. Sara Poidevin  (Alberta)
13. Liah Harvie  (Alberta)
14. Natalie Cormier (New Brunswick)
15. Marina Aspen  (Saskatchewan)  29:59.0
16. Emily Flynn  (Ontario)  30:38.0
17. Clara Jane MacKenzie (British Columbia) 32:04.0
18. Stephanie Bester  (Ontario)
19. Lindsay Aspen  (Saskatchewan)
20. Juliette Wheler  (Saskatchewan)  36:05.0
21. Anna Schappert  (Manitoba)  38:45.0
22. Melanie Tait  (Yukon)
23. Saskia Charlotte Kowalchuk (Ontario)  38:47.0
24. Kia Van der Vliet (British Columbia) 38:51.0
25. Nicole Cripps  (Saskatchewan)  43:06.0
26. Evie Fletcher  (Alberta)  -1 lap
27. Heather Lauren Savard (Alberta)
28. Kelsey Reilly  (Manitoba)
29. Alex Bairos-Novak  (Manitoba)
30. Rachael Edwards  (Saskatchewan)
31. Julia Diane Cormier (New Brunswick)
32. Kilya MacNeil  (Nova Scotia)
33. Myriska Caulier (Nova Scotia)

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