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Canada Cup MTB XC #5

August 6, 2005 (Fernie, B.C.) — 119 racers lined up for the Canada Cup Series’ first ever point-to-point event, a fun 45-kilometre mostly singletrack course. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) stormed through the course fastest with a time of 2:11:35. In the women’s race, 2004 Olympian Kiara Bisaro (BC, Gears Racing) led from start to finish, never allowing her competitors to challenge her lead.

Racing conditions were ideal, with top temperatures peaking in the high 20’s and a dry course. Andrew Watson (ON, Gears Racing) couldn’t hang in with his teammate and by the halfway mark, Federau had a lead of over two minutes. “I felt really good,” he said. “I just hammered and kept going.”

Matt Hadley (NB, Radical Edge), last weekend’s Canada Cup winner, was first into the singletrack. Bolstered by his previous success, he pulled off another podium finish with a third-place ride. Kris Sneddon (BC, Kona-Les Gets) is still leading the series, but he didn’t race today. Federau’s win puts him within 35 points of the title and he knows it.

“It would be kinda neat. I’ve never won the Canada Cup before.”

There was lots of action going on behind Bisaro in the women’s race. “I’m so happy I came,” said Bisaro. “I really like Fernie.”

Wendy Simms (BC, Frontrunners) placed second, overtaking both Catharine Pendrel (BC, Bike Barn) and Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing) by the halfway point. After a conservative start, Sandra Walter (BC, AdventureBound.ca) steadily reeled in Pendrel and Dyck to finish third. Dyck continues to lead the series and has it locked up, although there is still one race left.

In the junior men’s race, Georges-Edouard Duquette (QC, Equipe du Quebec) stomped the competition, winning by 16 minutes. Luc Mahler (ON, Angonquin Outfitters) finished second and Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc (QC, Equipe du Quebec) was third.

The junior women did a shorter, 36-kilometre race, cutting off the first nine kilometres of the big course. Isabelle Jacques (QC, Equipe du Quebec) zipped through the race with an average speed of nearly 18kph and took the victory. Marie-Claude Suprenant (QC, Equipe du Quebec) lost only 1:10 to Jacques and finished second. Emilie Beaumont (QC, Equipe du Quebec) was third.

1. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) 2:11:35
2. Andrew Watson (ON, Gears Racing) at 0:55
3. Matt Hadley (NB, Radical Edge) 3:34
4. Roddi Lega (BC, Norco) 5:06
5. Evan Sherman (AB, United Cycle) 6:32
6. Frederic Bussieres (QC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 7:53
7. Brendan MacIntosh (BC, Rider’s Cycle) 8:47
8. Bruno Lafontaine (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 11:44
9. Drew Mackenzie (BC, Sugoi) 12:12
10. Andre Sutton (AB) 12:55

1. Kiara Bisaro (BC, Gears Racing) 2:30:29
2. Wendy Simms (BC, Frontrunners) at 8:15
3. Sandra Walter (BC, AdventureBound.ca) 10:01
4. Catharine Pendrel (BC, Bike Barn) 11:52
5. Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing) 13:04
6. Trish Grajczyk (AB, Dead Goat Racing) 26:08
7. Madeline Bate (AB, Terrascape Racing) 27:21
8. Celine Foreht (ON, Sporting Life) 31:34
9. Julie Sanders (QC, Xprezo) 41:15
10. Olivia Gagne (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 42:57

Junior Men
1. Georges-Edouard Duquette (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 2:15:52
2. Luc Mahler (ON, Algonquin Outfitters) at 16:19
3. Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 18:48
4. Leni Gelinas Trudel (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 22:01
5. Colin Howard (ON, Hardwood Hills) 32:05

Junior Women
1. Isabelle Jacques (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 2:30:39
2. Marie-Claude Suprenant (QC, Equipe du Quebec) at 1:10
3. Emilie Beaumont (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 3:19
4. Evelyne Pichette (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 9:00
5. Calindy Ramsden (AB) 47:41

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