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Canada Cup BMX 2003 Racing Series

December 4, 2002 – A new Canada Cup BMX Series and dates for Canadian Championships were announced by the CCA. Time to start thinkin' BMX.

– June 7 & 8 – Red Deer, AB Canada Cup #1, #2 – June 28 – Ridge Meadows, BC Canada Cup #3 – June 29 – Ridge Meadows, BC Canadian Championships * – August 30 – Lethbridge, AB Canada Cup #4 (Indoor) – August 31 – Lethbridge, AB Canada Cup Final (Indoor)

What to expect: 1. New spectator friendly format 2. Products may replace some trophies and awards 3. Pro Purses announced before all events 4. Podium presentations at all events 5. New Team racing program

* Canadian Championship open to Canadian racers only Formats, sponsors and prizing to be announced at a later date. You will be required to race out-of-province at least once during the series. Stay tuned

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