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Canada Cup 2004 – DH #3

August 8, 2004 (Calgary, Alta.) – Danika Schroeter (Giant Canada) and Mike Jones (Norco Factory Team) were on top today as the downhill chapter of the national series resumed under cool, cloudy skies at Canada Olympic Park.

Despite being short (under two minutes for the fastest men), the course was a tiring one as it included lots of traversing and therefore required lots of pedaling. Because it was so short, organizers decided to go with a best of two format, where riders raced two runs and only the fastest one counted. Geoff Pendrel (Devinci), who placed second in the elite men’s competition, didn’t think there should have been two runs. In downhill “you’re not allowed to make mistakes,” he said. The second run allowed riders to “˜fix’ any errors they may have made in the first lap. Cleaner second runs and the course drying up cut rider’s times by several seconds.

Jones ripped down the course in 1:45.40. He claimed it was all because he “decided to wear my spandex and cross-country shoes.” Pendrel clocked in at 1:46.44 for second and Luke Kitzanuk (Village Cycle) was third with a time
of 1:47.25. Pendrel’s result allowed him to slip into the leader’s jersey.

In the women’s competition, Schroeter was number one again. She flew down the course in 2:00.60, despite being tired. She claimed all the pedaling after the first run had tuckered her out. She still had fun, however. “It’s like a BMX course,” she said, “and I like BMX.” Schroeter continues to lead the series.

Calgary local Stephanie Nychka (Ind.) used her home course advantage and landed in second place with a time of 2:03.56. Brook Baker (Norco Factory Team) was just fractions of a second behind. Baker’s run clocked in at 2:03.58, which snagged her third place.

In the junior men’s race, Andrew Mitchell (Ind.) took the win with a speedy 1:49.69 run. Kyle Ritchie (Kona/Oakley/NRG) flew into second, and Derek Cowell (Giant/Cyclepath/Primary) took third.

Elite Men
1. Mike Jones (Norco Factory Team) 1:45.40
2. Geoff Pendrel (Devinci) 1:46.44
3. Luke Kitzanuk (Village Cycle) 1:47.25
4. Hugo Donais (Norco Factory Team) 1:47.79
5. Louis-Philippe Leonard (Norco Factory Team) 1:47.82
6. Kyle Guay (Norco Factory Team) 1:47.89
7. Eric Goss (Giant Canada) 1:48.18
8. Brant Lyon (Giant Canada) 1:48.47
9. Drew Paulter (Sweet Pete’s/Primary) 1:49.64
10. Charles-Alexandre Dube (Clinique/SOS/Primary) 1:50.53

Elite Women
1. Danika Schroeter (Giant Canada) 2:00.60
2. Stephanie Nychka (Ind.) 2:03.56
3. Brook Baker (Norco Factory Team) 2:03.58
4. Jenelle Cassidy (Cove Bikes/Roach/Race Face) 2:09.42
5. Caroline Milot (Oryx) 2:11.72

Jr. Expert Men
1. Andrew Mitchell (Ind.) 1:49.69
2. Kyle Ritchie (Kona/Oakley/NRG) 1:52.95
3. Derek Cowell (Giant/Cyclepath/Primary) 1:53.35
4. Connor MacLeod (Cove Bikes) 1:53.63
5. Steve Chan (Realm) 1:56.51

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