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Campy Dogma2/Super Record 11 EPS Electronic Groupset Launched at La Bicicletta

by pedalmag.com

January 10, 2012 (Toronto, ON) – On Saturday, Pedal was on site at La Bicicletta in Toronto which hosted the Canadian launch of the new Campagnolo Super Record 11 EPS Electronic Groupset on Pinarello’s Dogma2 with some fanfare featuring snacks and special coffee blends provided by Cafe Domestique. The public was invited to learn hands-on about the new industry-changing gruppo, which has been in the making for twenty years.

Campy selected Pinarello as its partner to launch their new electronic group worldwide with the first 2,000 groupsets gracing the legendary brand. We’re told the only way to currenty get an EPS unit is on a Pinarello bike but that will change over the next few months. “This is an exciting time for both Camapagnolo and Pinarello and we’re proud to have been selected to launch the new EPS gruppo,” said Bronko Glavich from Uno Imports the Canadian distributor of Pinarello,”There’s more news coming down the pipeline soon.”

When the bike was unveiled, a hush fell over the room, punctuated by “ooh’s” and “wow’s.” Enthusiasts were encouraged to swing their legs over the saddle themselves, and take the new gruppo for a spin on a stationary trainer. During the launch, the room was abuzz and the glossy carbon Dogma2 equipped with the new groupset was the definite hot topic of conversation.

The new group is fully waterproof – see the pic of the bike wash with hi-pressure jet wash – and other neat features include rapid shifting through the entire cassette up or down if you hold the shift lever.

The Dogma2 with Bora wheels retails for $21,000 at La Bicicletta but in the US the bike is also equipped with Campy’s Eurus wheels bringing down the cost.

“We chose black for our Dogma2 bikes,” said La Bicicletta owner Henry Erlichmann. “We felt that was a better colour for our customers but most are receiving the bikes in Movistar’s white/green motif. We’ve had lots of interest and will have more options for customers down the road.”

Campy Dogma2/Super Record 11 EPS Electronic Groupset Unveiled

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