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Campione Cycles MayDays Competition – May 1-3

release by Scott Laliberte/Burnaby Velodrome

April 15, 2009 (Burnaby, BC) – Here is all the final information you will need for the upcoming Campione Cycles MayDays Competition at the Burnaby Velodrome from May 1-3. There’s plenty of action and a complete schedule of all activities – we look forward to seeing you at the track.

Full schedule here.

Campione Cycles has signed on the main event sponsor and will be helping the Burnaby Velodrome with the prize money for the Open Sprint, A men’s , and Women’s Omniums. Equal prize money wil be given out to all three events. We would like to thank the family owned Campione Cycles for their support.

Sprint Omnium
This event is open to all sprinters. My earlier comments regarding qualifying with a 200m time of 12.49s is more of a suggestion to the riders out there as we would like this Omnium to be an exciting and fast event. For riders who go slower than a 12.49 you might be in over your head but if you feel up to the challenge then please come out and participate. Of course the event is open to women sprinters but you will be competing with the men, so come ready to flex your muscles. The event will be made up of;
– Chariot Races on Friday night (half Omnium points)
– 200m tt, full Sprint Rounds, a short Snowball Race, and a Win&Out on Saturday
– Keirin and Kilo on Sunday

A Omniums
5 races over the Friday and Saturday. 2 Points Race, Snowball Race, Miss&Out, Scratch Race. Simple

B and C Omniums
5 races as well over Friday and Saturday with the first races going off being the B and C qualifiers on Friday night. Top half of each qualifier goes into the B’ and C’ category for the rest of the 4 races while the bottom half go into the B and C category. The Omniums will be added up by the 4 remaining races.

Women’s Omnium
Again 5 races over the two days. Miss&Out, Tempo Race, Scratch Race, Unknown Distance Lottery Race (I will explain on the line), Points Race. Again just as simple.

New Racers and Fixie
Races on the Saturday

For all the above categories sign up is on Karelo.
For all the events bellow sign up will be done by emailing me – scottlala@shaw.ca

We will also be holding an Open Madison Omnium
3 races over Friday and Saturday. 100lap 4×25, 3km Pursuit (2 teams on the track at once), 100lap 5×20. The fee will be $25 per person and sign up is done through me. Please email me if you want to race this and tell me who your partner is. Gear limits will be in effect and riders are expected to be competent in this event to take part.

B Madison Challenge
Saturday evening a single event for those riders who don’t think they are ready to race in the Open Madison. Riders need to have taken at least a Madison clinic. $10 per rider and email me as well to take part.

World’s Omnium on Sunday
All the Omniums, but one, will be done by Saturday evening. Only the Sprinters are going through Sunday. Everyone else is invited to take part in the 5 event World’s Style Omnium (200m, Scratch race, Pursuit, Points Race, TT). There will be 5 categories with the limit set at 20 riders per category, with the minimum being 6. The categories will be A, B, C, Women, and a 50+. Entry is $25 with cash and prizes going at least 3 deep per category.

I think that covers everything race related. For billeting please send me an email and we will do our best to find places to stay for you. Of course any other questions feel free to pass me an email. I head out of town Thursday morning for Walla Walla so be patient with my responses until mid next week please.

Scott Laliberte
Burnaby Velodrome
MayDays Event Organizer

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