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Calabogie Peaks to Host the Cancelled Blue Mt. Ontario DH Cup

June 17, 2005 – As many of you know Blue Mountain cancelled the Ontario Cup DH weekend July 2/3, but we weren’t going to let that stand in the way of the best Ontario Cup DH season ever. I have been working hard to find a replacement as we are having the highest attended race ever in the history on Ontario Cup DH and I wanted to keep that momentum building.

Many of you know that Calabogie Peaks is home to the knarliest terrain Ontario has to offer, and of course, the famous “Sunday” race course will be used July 3 for the 3rd installation of the Ontario Cup DH race series.

We plan to hold Saturday and Sunday morning pancake breakfasts, a Saturday night party which will include a massive bbq with Calabogie’s famous Ribs, a secret MTB movie premiere in their hotel movie center, and of course a tent beer bash!!

Don’t miss this one, camping is free and a massive community fire pit has been built and will be waiting for you!

For more information go to:
email: info@sirbikealotracing.com

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