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BVC Track Trials: Volunteers Needed

October 8, 2005 – A second request for volunteers for next week. The CCA is holding track trials at the velodrome on Tuesday – Thursday. We need a volunteer member to be there (you could also be participating in the trials) to make sure that all members have:

a) signed a waiver
b) clean up after themselves
c) put the track in / take the track out (if required)

These three things MUST HAPPEN. We have had issues recently with individuals riding and not taking the track out and have received formal complaints from Volleyball on this matter. It is part of our license agreement / contract that we take care of this. It is mandatory.The times are as follows:

-Tues Oct 11 12 to 4pm (be there by 11:30 AM)
-Wed Oct 12 12 to 4pm (be there by 11:30 AM)
-Thurs Oct 13 9 to 3pm (be there for 9:00 AM)

Please let me know ASAP. It’s nice to have the CCA out using our
facility, we’d like to make sure their event is a success.

For riders attending the trials, this is not difficult to coordinate.
There’s a stack of forms and a watchful eye is all that’s needed. You
are the key contact in case of anything needing to be done. I’d like to
let Volleyball know too.


Gordon Ross gordonr@openroad.ca
OpenRoad Communications ph: 604.694.0554 ext 103
Internet Application Development fax: 604.694.0558
Vancouver, B.C. http://www.openroad.ca

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