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Burnaby Velodrome in Limbo

The advocates of the Burnaby Velodrome prepared a well-researched, detailed
proposal to meet the city of Burnaby’s request for upgrades to and
operations contained in the Harry Jerome Building (where the velodrome is
located). The Burnaby Velodrome Club is keen to reopen the velodrome
immediately, and have elected a new president, Ted Ritter.

At the end of January 2002, the city received three proposals. Of
these, only the Burnaby Velodrome group wanted to keep the velodrome in the
building. The decision to hand the lease over to one of these groups will
be made near the end of May, with new tenants taking over in August.

If the velodrome advocates’ proposal is accepted, the Harry Jerome
Management Society will run the building, hire a building manager, and
elect a board of directors from both the business and sport world. The
velodrome will be operated as a year-round multisport facility, with
cycling and volleyball enthusiasts as the primary user groups.

The Burnaby Velodrome has been closed since last May, when the city claimed
it was unsafe, based on an inspection at that time. Repairs were done
following this report. Unfortunately, there was no re-inspection until
December 2001. The track is currently in excellent condition, but still
awaiting approval to open to the public.

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