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Burnaby Velodrome Club Weekend Update

January 5, 2005 – Hi everyone, thanks to all who’ve responded to my plea for volunteers. We have quite a few people who’ve stepped up to help out. I’d like to thank (in advance) the following people: Bruce Denis, Richard Juryn, Mandy Poitras, Frank Ludtke, Greg Descantes, Bob Thom, Steve Fenning, Geoff Argue, Jim Cooper, and Barb Pope.

And I’m hoping that’s just the start of it. There’s 3 Board of Directors in that list above, a former race director, and a former Keirin pacer/announcer, not to mention our current Learn to Ride instructor, and a couple of committed cycling parents. There’s 150+ of you out there on this email list, let’s see some new faces come forward!

To top it off, *Mark Butschler*, our transplanted Victoria-trackie-turned-Burnaby-trackie has volunteered to be “Race Director in Training” — we’ll be working with Mark to make the weekend as smooth running as possible, and we hope that you participating will also help out in making the event run smoothly.Huge thanks to Mark Butschler for taking the reigns.

A couple of things I’d like to point out:

To register:

1. Go to Karelo.com right now
2. Get signed up for the race, pick your category and your events
3. Use your credit card to pay online



1. We need 2 people (min) to run concession this weekend
a) grab a friend, pick one day (Saturday OR Sunday)
b) grab a friend, pick both days

If we get four or six people, that’s great, as we can hand-off the duties
throughout the race weekend. If 2 people want to run it for both days,
that’s fine too.

2. Keirin (and I’m not talking about the Japanese beer) motorbike
Last time it was John Tolkamp. Previously it’s been Ian Lockley, Mandy
Poitras, and even myself. If we’re going to run Keirins, we’ll need a
motorbike/pacer. Get your 5 lap intervals in this weekend, if you’re not

Any questions, comments, email me at gordonr@burnabyvelodrome.ca

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