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Bug Rug Unique Bike Transportation Covers Are a Hit

release by the Bug Rug

June 3, 2009 – The Bug Rug set the stage by creating a product line that is taking cycling enthusiasts by storm. They have created an unprecedented sensation among cycling enthusiasts nation-wide with the introduction of their unmistakably unique bicycle transportation covers. The Bug Rug team has demonstrated its focus through extensive hours of meticulous research and development, resulting in an exceptional product line integrating durability, functionality and creativity.

They rigorously tested various materials to create an outstanding aerodynamic product that shields against flying road debris, rain and UV rays, while maximizing the true science of vibrant colour. Using a durable quick release plastic buckle, Bug Rugs are simple and convenient to install.

Bug Rugs are noted as an exceptional promotional and advertising tool, designed with the additional functionality of a billboard on wheels. Their bicycle transportation covers provide an optimal way to promote bicycle dealers and cycling clubs while providing protection during transportation via roof rack. Forward your graphics to sales@thebugrug.com and their team will create a customized BugRug for you.

Bicycle dealer and cycling club inquiries are most welcome. Please direct all inquiries to info@thebugrug.com, or visit www.thebugrug.com.

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