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Bryton Cycling Computers are Now Available in Canada

release by ACS Distributing

February 01, 2016 – ACS Distributing is pleased to announce that Bryton Cycling Computers are now available to the Canadian market through our company. Bryton’s new Rider 100 and Rider 310 GPS cycling computers are designed to be easy to use with one-touch starting, GPS recording and multiple data functions. The Rider 100, retailing for $119.95, offers 36 data functions while the $169.95 Rider 310 has up to 70 functions.

bryton“Technology itself does not revolutionize the cycling computer market; the great and relevant user experience innovations on top of technologies will,” said Samuel Wang, the CEO of Bryton Inc. “It’s not about the size. It’s not about the fancy technologies. You focus on the sport to enrich your life, and we focus on how to make your life easier without any sacrifices.”

The new Rider models offer improved font design and data grid placement. Cyclists can customize their data information on up to seven data pages, with five data grids per page on the Rider 100, and eight data grids per page for the Rider 310. An Auto Backlight provides visibility after the sun goes down.

Both models pair with ANT+ sensors including cadence, heart rate and power meters (Rider 310 only). The new Riders can detect sensors and display real time data automatically after first time pairing.

The Rider 310 features up to 36 hours of battery life, while the Rider 100 offers 25 hours of battery. The Rider 310 has a barometer and thermometer. The Rider 310 also offers 1 second recording mode for interval trainings and better data resolution.

Both computers can upload data in the .fit format to PCs or Macs, for use on training websites such as Endomondo, Strava, or Training Peaks.

Both computers are available from KHS retailers in the U.S. and ACS retailers in Canada.

For Dealer enquires contact terry@acsdistributing.com

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