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Brooklyn Road Race

August 28, 2007 (Brooklyn NS) – The Metro Cycling Club/Sportwheels hosted Race #7 in the Bicycle Nova Scotia Road Race series this past weekend in picturesque Brooklyn, NS. Hot humid conditions and a relentlessly rolling circuit challenged the cyclists and the small pack sizes ensured that only the strongest riders would be in contention for podium positions.

The women’s field saw a fierce three-way battle waged between Mike’s Bike Shop’s Zuzanna Ecerova, Bicycles Plus’ Kaarin Tae and AVCC’s Jennifer Adams. After 88 kms of racing it was Ecerova and Tae that sprinted for the finish with the former taking the win. Adams rolled in for a strong third place finish less than one minute down on the leaders.

The Men’s Open race was content to roll along in a strong paceline for the first 105 kms of their 132km race until the inevitable fireworks started in the hills before the final 22km lap. Hub Cycle’s Lorenzo Caterini and Opus-Easton’s Terry Tomlin rode away from a rapidly disintegrating pack with 20km remaining and fought each other to a final sprint finish with Tomlin nipping his opponent for the win. Fredericton’s Adam Douthwright and Kris Barr of Halifax both showed strong form taking 3rd and 4th respectively.


Open Men
1. Terry Tomlin (Opus/Easton) 3:31:25
2. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle) 3:31:25
3. Adam Douthwright (Team OSB) 3:33:29
4. Kris Barr (Bicycles Plus) 3:34:46
5. Eli Chiasson (Cyclesmith) 3:39:13
6. Geoff O’Toole (West of Quebec Wheelers) 3:40:17
7. Charles Verge (Bicycles Plus) 3:44:51
DNF Jonathan Burgess (Cyclesmith)
DNF Martin Austin (Cyclesmith)

1. Zuzana Ecerova (Mike’s Bike Shop) 2:53:36
2. Kaarin Tae (Bicycles Plus) 2:53:38
3. Jennifer Adams (Annapolis Valley CC) 2:54:25
4. Cynthia Fry (Bicycles Plus) 3:17:34
5. Brenda Merritt (Independent) 3:24:54

Masters A
1. Rob Stel (Bicycles Plus) 2:28:09
2. Gabriel Leblanc (Sea Level CC) 2:31:07
3. Ian Loughead (MCC Sportwheels) 2:32:11
DNF Chad Robertson (Independent)

Masters B
1. Tom Beazley (Bicycles Plus) 2:27:48
2. Donald McIntosh (Bicycles Plus) 2:30:20
3. Charles Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop) 2:31:54
4. Jose Martins (Bicycles Plus) 2:32:07
5. Jim Currie (Hub Cycle) 2:33:09
6. Ian Dennis (Mike’s Bike Shop) 2:34:02
7. Neil Weber (Ciclisti Milanese (OEM)) 2:39:17

Masters C
1. Barry Misener (Bicycles Plus) 2:31:54
2. Graham Starratt (Bicycles Plus) 2:32:33
3. Wayne Titus (Valley Stove & Cycle) 2:38:21
4. Al Heubach (Lunenburg Bike Barn) 2:40:35
5. Friedemann Bauer (Cyclesmith) 2:45:46

Senior 4
1. Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn) 2:31:54

1. Jean-Richard Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop) 2:27:22

1. Zach Beazley (Bicycles Plus) 1:04:40

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