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Bromont Open 4X Results

by pedalmag.com

August 22, 2010 (Bromont, QC) – Australia’s Randal Huntington and Sarsha Huntington topped the field at the Bromont Open 4X competitions on Friday. Canada’s Benoit Rioux claimed second in the men’s race followed by Sebastien O’Neil (Can) in third and Harold Woolnough (Can) in fourth with Kye Walstrom (Can) in 5th. Anne Laporte (Can) placed second in the women’s competition. Laporte claimed the Canadian 4X National title while Rioux won the men’s title.

Results (brief)

Elite Women
1. Sarsha Huntington (Aus)
2. Anne Laporte (Can)

Elite Men
1. Randal Huntington (Aus)
2. Benoit Rioux (Can)
3. Sebastien O’Neil (Can)
4. Harold Woolnough (Can)
5. Kye Walstrom (Can)
6. John Starcevic (Can)
7. Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can)
8. Drew Paulter (Can)
9. Matt Zdrilik (Can)
10. James Jeannet (Can)

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