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Bring on the Hills and Heat – Ryder Reports from Australia

January 21, 2009 – The team was ready to go today to say the least. After our preview of the finishing circuits earlier in the week, we knew exactly how hard today would be! The team raced really well and we were on the attack the whole way. For the final today, the team left it open for all us skinny guys to have a crack.

CJ and Julz were near the front taking care of us as we fought for position heading into the final laps. I think I might have been a little too aggressive trying to stir things up for a break (not exactly conserving energy). But stirring things up is what racing is all about! Despite some ill-timed cramps at the start of the last climb, I still managed to make my way close to the front for the fast step-up finish. All in all, (minus Cam’s crash) it was a solid day for Garmin!

I have to say I am feeling good after a solid winter training period. The legs are turning easy and it feels good to go hard. I am very excited for the rest of the week and the races coming up in Europe. The team is enjoying the scorching heat and early racing. No worries mate!

– Ryder

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