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Bow Fietscross 2005

October 2, 2005 — Here are the results from Bow Fietscross, held under beautiful sunny skies at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, AB, on October 2.

Sport Male
1 Chris Stipdonk United Cycle 0h39m48s
2 David Larson Juventus 0h40m44s
3 Jeff Sears Independent 0h42m01s
4 Reid Cummings Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle 0h42m05s
5 Rod Walker Calgary Crankmasters 0h43m16s
6 Don Fox Juventus 0h43m54s
7 Geoff Webb Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle 0h44m36s
8 Michael Zelensky Terrascape 0h45m07s
9 John Encarnacao United Cycle 0h45m49s
10 Michael Meeres CABC/Projekt 1 0h45m52s
11 Andrew Tomassini The Bike Shop 0h46m15s
12 JP Zquierdo Independent 0h47m30s
13 Richard Vervoort Pedalhead 0h47m44s
at 1 lap Tim St. Germain Independent 0h40m21s
at 1 lap Greg Yanicki bicisport 0h42m46s
at 1 lap Andrew Schietzsch Juventus 0h43m11s
DNF Darcy Reynard ERTC/redbike DNF

1 Mical Dyck Terrascape 0h42m04s
2 Marg Fedyna ERTC/redbike 0h43m52s
3 Susan Copeland Juventus 0h46m18s
4 Kristin Campbell Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 0h47m12s
5 Natasha Kuzmak Synergy 0h50m27s

Expert Male
1 Brent Johnson Independent 0h48m25s
2 Andrew Reed RMCC 0h48m36s
3 Brys Francis United Cycle 0h48m49s
4 Anthony Steenbergen Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle 0h48m57s
5 Martin Machacek Synergy 0h49m21s
6 Michael Johns CABC/Projekt 1 0h49m47s
7 Tracy Shearer Juventus 0h50m39s
8 Spencer Smitheman Juventus 0h51m05s
9 Brian Robinson Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle 0h51m55s
10 Andrew Hilton Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 0h52m08s
11 Jason Frank CABC/Projekt 1 0h52m20s
12 Tommy Mak Eurotech 0h52m28s
13 Finn Pedersen Team Pusch 0h52m32s
14 Mike Prinz Independent 0h53m07s
15 Orest Massitti bicisport 0h54m28s
16 Jack Van Dyk Terrascape 0h55m37s
DNF Lonn Bate Terrascape DNF
DNF Ed Garvin Blacksheep DNF
DNF Bob McKerrell CABC/Projekt 1 DNF

Elite / Open
1 Tim Heemskirk United Cycle 1h00m00s
2 Evan Sherman United Cycle 1h02m13s
3 Mike Sarnecki Pedalhead 1h02m16s
4 Sean Barr Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 1h02m20s
5 Cyrus Kangarloo Synergy 1h02m26s
6 Peter Toth ERTC/redbike 1h04m11s
7 Mike Bidniak Juventus 1h04m24s
8 Keith Bayly Deadgoat 1h05m03s
9 Craig Good Synergy 1h05m15s
10 Bruce Copeland Juventus 1h05m35s
11 Ryan Hopping ERTC/redbike 1h06m15s
at 1 lap Steve Martins Hardcore 1h00m15s
at 1 lap Craig Debellefeuille Synergy 1h00m49s
at 1 lap Shaun Adamson United Cycle 1h01m00s
at 1 lap Shawn Taylor RMCC 1h01m24s
at 1 lap Peter Lawrence Team Pusch 1h03m22s
at 1 lap Ted Dahms Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 1h04m43s
DNF Per Strom bicisport DNF
DNF Cameron McKnight ERTC/redbike DNF
DNF cp Walsh Synergy DNF
DNF Dion Clark Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle DNF

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