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Boily and Lambert-Lemay Win Mardis Cyclistes Saputo Stage #5

July 4, 2006 (Montreal, QC) – Eric Boily (Volkswagen/Trek) was first across the finish at this evening’s Stage 5 of the Mardis Cyclistes Saputo. He was followed by recent 2006 Canadian Road Champ, Dominique Rollin (VC Roubaix), and Guillaume Boivin (André Cycle/idCad) in a race that began and ended in a deluge, rendering conditions slippery and dangerous.

The field of 84 rider included prominent names such as U23 2006 Road Champ, David Veilleux (Garneau Optik), 2005 Canadian Road Champ François Parisien (Team TIAA-CREF) and Jean-François Brunelle (Sleeman Clear-Énergie). The heavy rainfall also complicated the process of obtaining results and Pedal is unable to bring you full results at this time.

In the Junior Lait’s Go Races, Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle/idCad) came in first with a time of 34:44 on the 24 km track. He was followed by Jerome Boucher (Elicycle/Sports-Experts) and Hugo Houle (Velocite Drummond) completing the podium. Lambert-Lemay increased his commanding series lead to 623 points with Houle a distant second with 514 points, followed by Alexandre Morin (Indépendant-RP) with 462. The juniors largely escaped the heavy rain.

The next Mardis Cyclistes takes place Tuesday, July 11 at Lasalle Park in the Montreal suburb of Lachine with the junior races beginning at 5:50 p.m and the senior races beginning at 6:50 p.m.

Seniors 50 km
84 participants

1. Eric Boily (Volkswagen Trek)
2. Dominique Rollin (VC Roubaix)
3. Guillaume Boivin (André Cycle/idCad)

Juniors 24 km
45 participants

1. Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle/idCad)
2. Jerome Boucher (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)
3. Hugo Houle (Velocite Drummond)

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