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Biking for Breakfast – P.E.I.\’s Tour de France

August 17, 2005 – The largest one day cycling event in the Maritimes was a great success, according to Event Organizer, Ken Trenholm. Last Saturday’s Biking for Breakfast was the like winning the Tour de France for most riders, says Trenholm. “The event really marked a milestone for everyone.” He says, “it was the yellow jersey and the purple heart all rolled up together. Watching the riders battling the wind and rain seemed like an uphill battle. On most days it may be.

On this day, with a children’s fundraiser on the line, no challenge was too large for this group of riders.” From a cyclist who turned pro when he was 18 years of age to a cyclist who only cycled 5 km on a road bike before this event; from a cyclist who has yet had his 20th birthday to many cyclists in their 50’s ; Biking for Breakfast 2005 truly was an event for all ages and all abilities. According to Trenholm, the event brought 25 cyclists together to raise money for the PEI Breakfast School Programs. Faced with hard 30 km/h head or side wind that stayed with the riders from North Cape to Charlottetown, as well as morning rain, the challenge was more than a physical challenge, it was a mental one. 14 riders attempted the cross P.E.I. trek; 11 riders various partial courses. At the end of the day, riders were dreaming of fish and chips, spaghetti, and fast food but had to settle for energy supplements such as e load sports drink and hammer gel to get them through the day. “The sponsorship of E Load and Hammer Gel, two mainstays in ultra endurance events, made the different in this event,” continues Trenholm.

“Riders could ride and organizers could organize without worrying about whether the cyclists would eat the right kind of food for the day.” The riders are the real driving force behind this event. They raised $3,300 in pledges. When asked about how far the $3,300 in donations will go, Trenholm explained the money means that 3882 more breakfasts can be served to children this year through the universal school breakfast programs. The event has surpassed Trenholm’s goal of $2,500 in donations with still more pledges and donations from Stationary Bike Across PEI dollars to come in.

The following 9 riders completed the full course: James Van Toever (Charlottetown), Norman Arsenault (Belleville, ON), James Quinn (Vernon River), Mark Bowlan (Stratford), Rex Button (Summerside), Erik Charron (St. John’s , NF), Dan Steele (Cornwall), Harvey Chandler (Charlottetown), and Ken Trenholm (Summerside). The first riders to reach East Point, James Van Toever and Norman Arsenault, completed the 260 km course in a time of 8 hours and 30 minutes. The following 16 riders completed partial courses of the event: Ben Kennedy (Kensington), Mike Ross (Ellerslie), Rob Cook (Traveller’s Rest), Bob Lyons (Souris), Marguerite Arsenault (Souris), Lorraine McIntosh (Souris), Carol McNalley (Souris), Sandra Kelly (Souris), Mark Holland (Charlottetown), Gordon MacMillian (Charlottetown), Joan Lambie (Souris), Dave Wagener (Charlottetown), Eddie MacKenzie (Charlottetown), John Desrosiers (Charlottetown), Rick Meyer (Charlottetown), and Sara Deveau (Rollo Bay). Trenholm is already planning next year’s event and he is aiming high. With increased exposure and promotion, and the understanding that people can register in teams and can complete as much of the course as they desire, Trenholm smiles when he says “next year we’ll have 75 riders.” For riders interested in completing the entire course next year, Trenholm is encouraging those to join an organized cycling club like the one currently in Summerside as this will provide regular training for such an event.

Visit www.summersidecycling.com for more information. One thing is for certain: the event has certainly got people talking about breakfast and talking about biking on P.E.I. Now that’s food for thought.

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