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Biking for Breakfast Challenge 2006

August 21, 2006 – The second annual Biking for Breakfast Challenge hosted by the Summerside Cycling Club earlier in August released their final report on their fund-raiser yesterday. Not only did the event accomplish its goal of raising money for PEI Breakfast School programs but also brought 50 cyclists together to set a new one day record for the largest and quickest one day bicycle ride across PEI.

Over $7,000 was raised for PEI Breakfast Programs through the pledges raised by the 50 bicyclists.

The environmental conditions were a treat to the riders on this day. The cool early morning side wind turned into a calming tailwind for the majority of the day.

Refueling stations stocked with healthy refreshments, and groups of riders riding together in pacelines to conserve energy, the smell of the after-event spaghetti feast was on everyone’s mind.

When asked about the type of rider this event caters to, Organizing Chair Ken Trenholm, sums it up in one word: “everyone.”

Trenholms explains riders could elect to bicycle the entire Island in one day or any amount of partial distance.”

“The goal is not for this event to be a race but for it to be fun and a fun fundraiser. And, judging by the smiles and the laughter during the day – we reached our goal.”

The event that brought out 50 cyclists and almost as many volunteers also brought out two of the top Island bicycle racers in the province: Cory Jay and James Van Toever. In an interview while riding the route, Van Toever who also participated in last year’s event, called this event “an amazing event that makes it appealing to racers who can use it for training or recreational riders who are looking for a challenging day of riding.”

For Jay and Van Toever, they covered tip to tip in a little less than 8 hours riding time, setting a new record for the fastest one day trip across P.E.I. by bicycle. The previous record was set by Van Toever and Norman Arsenault in 2005 at 8 hours and 30 minutes.

The 36 riders who completed the tip-to-tip challenge also set a new record for the most bicyclists to complete the tip to tip ride in one day. The previous record was 8 cyclists set last year.

The sponsorship of Eload Sports drink for the second year in a row ensured riders could obtain enough energy to complete the grueling event.

And, as for Trenholm, having three flat tires and being forced to abandon the ride after bicycling 218 km, soon became a metaphor for the fund-raiser.

Trenholm explains the similarities of his experience with mechanical problems ironically mirrors the experience of a child who would not have eaten breakfast.

“The child who eats breakfast is like a bicycle that is well oiled, air in the tires, and shiny bike — it is ready to hit the road and to get rolling.”

“The child who has not had breakfast is like a bike with a leaky tire and a squeaky chain – not being able to go as far as the others regardless of what the true potential of the child may be.”

Trenholm concludes, “it is important to remember that any person can reach their full potential only if they have the right tools . . . and all children desire the best start in life . . . .”

The fact this fund-raiser raised enough dollars to provide 8,235 more breakfasts to Island children certainly is a good step towards helping Island children get a great start in life.

The following 36 riders completed the tip-to-tip course: Michael Armitage (Fredericton, NB), Jean-Paul Arsenault (Charlottetown), Paul Baglole (Meadow Bank), Ira Birt (Charlottetown), Richard Birt (Charlottetown), Mark Bowlan (Stratford), Friedmann Brauer (Halifax, NS), Shannon Burt (Charlottetown), Ryan Bradley (Stratford), Graeme Carr (Charlottetown), Paul Deighan (Stratford), Leo Flood (Kinkora), Marian Grant (Stratford), Ardelle Hynes (North Rustico), Cory Jay (Charlottetown), Ben Kennedy (Kensington), Bob LeClair (Bathurst, NB), Luke MacDonald (Bonshaw), Dale MacLeod (Stratford), Bruce MacPherson (Charlottetown), George Mallia (Kensington), Rus Melanson (Charlottetown), Joel Mills (Charlottetown), Tom Plunkett (Calgary, AB), Jeff Proctor (Litchfield, New Hampshire, USA), James Quinn (Vernon River), Ted Reynolds (Halifax, NS), Gerry Ridgeway (Charlottetown), Dave Ross (Windsor Junction, NS), Kenny Sampson (North Rustico), Ernie Schliechkorn (Summerside), Ron St. Onge (Stratford), Dan Steele (Cornwall), James Van Toever (Charlottetown), Patty Winer (Toronto, ON), and James Young (Toronto, ON).

The following 14 riders completed a partial course: David Beaton (Charlottetown), Harvey Chandler (Charlottetown), Sheila Davis (Halifax, NS), Pat Ellis (Charlottetown), Beverly Gerg (Charlottetown), Bruce Green (Summerside), Don Harris (Milltown Cross), Les Kom (Ottawa, ON), Jason Linger (Charlottetown), Craig Parsons (Austriala), Ellen Sherren (Charlottetown), Dave Wagener (Charlottetown), Dalton Winsloe (Vermont, New Hampshire, USA), and Ken Trenholm (Summerside).

“The true winners in this ride across P.E.I.” concludes Trenholm, “are the children, our neighbours, and our communities.”

Visit www.summersidecycling.com for more information.

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