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Bikes For Cuba to Send 200th Donated Bike to Young Racers in Cuba

release by Bikes For Cuba
May 10, 2013 (Toronto, ON) – Bikes For Cuba is sending our 200th donated bike to junior cycling teams in Cuba on Saturday, May 11. Toronto tourist Karen Herzog is taking this donated bike with her on her Cuban holiday and will leave it with our school contacts once there. This is the typical way that we get donated bikes and equipment transported to Cuba. Karen has taken five bikes to Cuba for the project on her past holidays.

We now supply bikes and gear to school race teams in Moa, Banes, Holguin, Las Tunas, Bayamo, Jaguey Grande, and Havana.

We estimate that over 400 young competitive cyclists are benefiting from the donated bikes and all the gear since the Bikes For Cuba project started just over three years ago.

Roughly speaking, Bikes For Cuba has sent 140 helmets, 180 shoes, 250 tires, 350 jerseys and shorts, 200 water bottles, and hundreds of other miscellaneous bike gear and parts.

Without donations and help from Canadian tourists, the junior cycling teams in Cuba would virtually not exist.

This is a continuing and growing project and we expect to send on average about 75 good racing bikes in each upcoming year.


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