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Biggest Ever Coast to Coast Bike Tour Ends Saturday

September 1, 2005 – 94 bicyclists are set to complete 7,000+ km journey across Canada on Saturday in Halifax.

WHAT: “Sea to Sea with the CRC,” a bike tour from Vancouver to Halifax, presented by the Christian Reformed Church (CRC).

WHO: A group of 133 cyclists, plus support staff and vehicles, will ride into Halifax. Ninety-four are traveling the full distance across Canada.

WHEN: Saturday afternoon, Sept. 3, at 2 p.m. (Call 905-815-7990 if your deadline is earlier and we can arrange another for you to interview cyclists.)

WHERE: A photo op has been set up at Pier 21, the final destination and endpoint of the tour. The group will gather together at All Nations CRC on Robie St. and, at 2 p.m., ride together from South St. into Pier 21 in one large group. An additional photo op is available shortly following this at Point Pleasant Park where cyclists will dip their tires in the Atlantic Ocean.

WHY: To celebrate the CRC’s 100 years in Canada and increase awareness for Canada’s “Make Poverty History” campaign.

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