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Big Mac Campus Criterium Report, Results and Photos

by pedalmag.com

May 24, 2010 (Montreal, QC) – Here’s a report, results, and some photos from the inaugural Big Mac Campus Criterium held on Saturday, May 22, on a technical 1.2km course in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. For the first time in Quebec, collegiate categories (open to students from universities and CEGEPs) were offered along with Master, senior and junior categories, including an intro category for those with little race experience and interested in getting started.

Making History in La Belle Province: first Canadian collegiate road race organized by McGill University
On May 22nd 2010, the McGill Cycling Club organized a technical 1.2km criterium on McGill’s MacDonald campus in Montreal’s West Island. The regular master, junior and senior categories were on the menu, and in addition, four collegiate categories were making a 1st-time appearance in Quebec. Three intro riders who had never raced before tackled the course for a total of 20 minutes, and LOVED it! In addition to the intro category, the women 1-3 (6 racers), men 3-4 (17), and men 1-2 (16) categories were also a great success.

Many institutions were represented: McGill of course, Université Laval, Université de Montréal, Concordia, UQAM, Université de Sherbrooke, l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), and even Stevens institute of technology (NJ) and Harvard! Also, some CEGEP students were present, including Hugo Houle from Collège Ellis in Quebec city.

We hope that this race will inspire other Quebec universities to create collegiate teams and organize races. We also hope other Canadian institutions will do the same and maybe one day, who knows, we’ll have a collegiate circuit just like in the states, with a national championship and a solid structure to back it up?


Universitaire Women – 35 minutes-1
1. Veronica Wheeler (Cycling@McGill, JRH) 29:01:00
2. Victoria Bain (Cycling@McGill, SR3) 29:05:00
3. Marie-Claude Molnar (Espresso Sports, SR3) 29:06:00
4. Mireille Prevost (Cycling@McGill, SRF1) 29:08:00
5. Mélanie Lévesque (Université Laval, JRH)
6. Marie Eve Mercier (Indépendant, MA)

Universitaire Men – 20 minutes (Indépendant, MA)
1. Josh Levin (Indépendant, MA) 20:08
2. Randall Blom (Indépendant, MA) 20:16
3. Marie Pier Scott-Boyer (Indépendant, MA) 20:57

Master D – 50 minutes
1. Jean- Claude Leclerc (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MD) 50:54:00
2. Herbert Nebbs (VCOM, MD) 50:59:00
3. Vincent Richard (Indépendant-RP, MD) 51:06:00
Doublé Jean- Pascal Lion (Indépendant-RP, MD)
DNF Gilbert Bessin (Cycles Bernard Hinault-IMCO, MD)

Master C – 50 minutes-1
1. Alain Major (Espoirs de Laval, MC) 49:25:00
2. Stephane Le Beau (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MC)
3. Sylvan Adams (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MC)
4. Alain Delorme (Indépendant-RP, MC)
5. Mark Dichter (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MC) 50:24:00
6. Denis Champagne (Guru- Cinelume, MC) 50:51:00
7. Michael Des Ilets (Specialized-Mazda-Samson G, MC)
8. Yves Raymond (Trek-Curaprox, MC)
9. James Labissonniere (VCOM, MC)
10. Marc Couture (Lapraicycle, MC)
11. Garry Garbarino (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MC)
12. Guy Marcotte (Sherbrooke (club cycliste), MC) 50:54:00
13. Michal Basinski (Indépendant-RP, MC)
14. Leonard Lighter (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MC)
15. Pierre Lang (Indépendant-RP, MC) 50:56:00
16. Alain Goulet (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MC)
Doublé Forgues Gilles (VCOM, MC)
Doublé Martin Lorange (Trek-Curaprox, MC)
Doublé Allan Schouela (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MC)
Doublé Ronald Kelnan (Indépendant-RP, MC)
DNF Michel Benoit (Trek-Curaprox, MC)
DNF Jacques Caron (Espoirs de Laval, MC)
DNF Yves Du Sablon (Indépendant-RP, MC)
DNF Andre St- Jean (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MC)
DNF Chahran Bolouri (Indépendant-RP, MC)

Master B – 60 minutes-1
1. Francois Nuckle (Espoirs de Laval, MB) 54:17:00
2. Pierre Pigeon (Espoirs de Laval, MB) 54:20:00
3. Michel Turcotte (Espoirs de Laval, MB) 54:21:00
4. Benoit Brissette (Quilicot- Rackultra, MB)
5. Michel LaRose (X-Cycle, MB)
6. Andre Todd (Néron-Specialized, MB)
7. Michel Demers (Espoirs de Laval, MB)
8. Raymond Russo (Espoirs de Laval, MB)
9. Steve Bouvette (VéloSelect-Prud’Homme-Glas, MB) 54:26:00
10. Jacques Philie (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux, MB)
11. Ernest Noble (VC Montreal- Cycles Régis, MB)
12. Gilles Belanger (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MB)
13. Martin Ste- Marie (VC Montreal- Cycles Régis, MB)
14. Daniel Grenier (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MB)
15. Fabien Grignard (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux, MB)
16. Stephane Dodier (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MB)
17. Alexander Vega (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MB)
18. David Landry (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MB) 54:33:00
19. Jose Jorge (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MB)
20. Steve Hoather (Indépendant-RP, MB) 55:07:00
21. 55:31:00
22. Michel Bastien (Néron-Specialized, MB) 56:08:00
23. Pierre Morin (Néron-Specialized, MB) 56:17:00
24. Karl Grenier (VC Montreal- Cycles Régis, MB)
25. Eric Provost (Trek-Curaprox, MB) 57:17:00
26. Sylvain Adams (cc Powerwatts-Moishes, MB) 57:19:00
27. Andres Ivan Ramirez (VéloSelect-Prud’Homme-Glas, MB) 57:41:00
28. Andre Lamarche (0, MB) 57:43:00
29. Michel Savoie (VCOM, MB) 57:46:00
30. Paul Desrosiers (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, MB) 58:59:00
DNF Stephane Le Beau (CIBC Wood Gundy, MB)
DNF Sebastien Bouchard (Indépendant R-P, MB)
DNF Michel Courval (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, MB)
DNF Luc De Gagne (Quilicot- Rackultra, MB)
DNF Daniel Gauthier (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MB)
DNF Gilbert Maillette (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MB)
DNF Jean- Francois Soulieres (Espoirs de Laval, MB)
DNF Alain Major (Espoirs Laval, MB)
DNF Alain Lambert (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, MB)

Master A – 60 minutes-1
1. Dominic Picard (La Cabosse d’Or chocolaterie, MA) 54:44:00
2. Francois Doyon (Quilicot- Rackultra, MA)
3. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Curaprox, MA)
4. Sébastien Paquette (Paquette Villemure Construct, MA)
5. Mathieu Charruau (La Cabosse d’Or chocolaterie, MA) 55:40:00
6. Pascal Fortin (Quilicot- Rackultra, MA) 55:42:00
7. Eric Alain (XPREZO- BORSAO, MA)
8. Dominic Paquette (Paquette Villemure Construct, MA)
9. Philippe Anstett (Nativo – PG, MA)
10. Richard Martin (Indépendant-RP, MA)
11. Mark Breton (Indépendant, MA)
12. Christian Rouleau (Nativo – PG, MA) 55:45:00
13. Patrice Brisson (Quilicot- Rackultra, MA)
14. Eric Migneron (Indépendant-RP, MA)
15. Hugo Pelletier (Synergy Cycle- RIIR, MA)
16. Justin Knotzke (Piste.ca, MA)
17. Yves LeFebvre (Trek-Curaprox, MA) 55:57:00
DNF Edouard Vo-Quara (Indépendant, MA)
DNF Richard Desgagnés (McGill Criterium, MA)
DNF Mathieu Fortier (Guru- Cinelume, MA)
DNF Joseph Power (C.C. Rossi Lachine, MA)
DNF Tino Rossi (C.C. Rossi Lachine, MA)

Women – 50 minutes
1. Pascale Legrand (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, ME) 40:29:00

Junior Women – 50 minutes
1. Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Espoirs Saputo, JRF) 40:28:00

Junior Men – 60 minutes-1
1. Michael Dalterio (Espoirs Saputo, JRH) 51:13:00
2. Felix Cote Bouvette (VéloSelect-Prud’Homme-Glas, JRH)
3. Kevin Cinnamon (Aquila Racer Sportif Mattam, JRH)
4. Julien Langlois (Espoirs Saputo, JRH)
DNF Raymond Jenkins (Stevens, JRH)
DNF Adam Freed (NINE2FIVEPRO.com, JRH)

Universitaire 3 – 35 minutes-1
1. Phillip Edsel (Indépendant-RP, JRH) 24:07:00
2. Max Dannenberg (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
3. Jason Lamarche (cc Université de Montréal, SR3)
4. Christopher Gilbert (Harvard, JRH)
5. Isaac Spingarn (Stevens, JRH) 24:10:00
6. Fernando Fernandez (UdM, SR3)
7. Adrien McCosker (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
8. Andrew Childerhose (Cycling@McGill, SR3) 24:14:00
9. Patrick Boudreau (cc Université de Montréal, SR3)
10. Sébastien Entardif (cc Université de Montréal, SR3) 24:15:00
11. Alexandre Mc Duff- Viau (cc Université de Montréal, SR3)
12. Orlando Martinez (Stevens, JRH) 24:21:00
13. Jocelyn Berteaud (Sportif Bromont, JRH) 24:36:00
14. Philippe Comeau (cc Haut Richelieu Megavolt/, SR3) 25:08:00
15. Jonathan Martel (Indépendant-RP, JRH) 25:20:00
16. Luis Rafael Silva (Sherbrooke, JRH)
Doublé Randall Blom (Indépendant, MA)

Senior Men 3 – 60 minutes
1. Mathieu Gautier (cc Powerwatts- Moishes, SR3) 51:12:00
2. Sylvain Deslauriers (Indépendant-RP, SR3)
3. Scott Loong (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
4. Nicholas Geoffrion (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur, SR3)
5. Carol Migneault (Gaspésien, SR3)
6. Steve Bouvette (VéloSelect-Prud’Homme-Glas, SR3)
7. Brandon Tulloch (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
8. Carl Wilkins (Ottawa Bicycle Club, SR3)
9. Jean- Roch Marion (Indépendant-RP, SR3)
10. Jerome Normand- Laplante (Archibald Genetik Sole, SR3)
11. Benjamin Adler (Cycling@McGill, SR3) 51:19:00
12. Maxime Bilodeau (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur, SR3) 51:36:00
Doublé Philippe Comeau (cc Haut Richelieu Megavolt/, SR3)
Doublé Jonathan Kaufman (Espoirs de Laval, SR3)
Doublé Alexander Galasso (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
DNF Engel Colin (Indépendant-RP, SR3)
DNF Carl Leduc (cc Haut Richelieu Megavolt/, SR3)
DNF Isaac LeBlanc (Sports Bazar Inc, SR3)
DNF Johann Tritthardt (Lapdogs Cycling Club, SR3)

Universitaire 1 – 45 minutes-1
1. Jean- Sebastien Perron (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1) 34:52:00
2. Hugo Houle (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
3. Mathieu Fradet (Le Yéti, SR1)
4. Christian Deshaies (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bl, SR1)
5. Philippe Lacasse (Rocky Mountain- CIBC Wood, SR1)
6. Mathieu Boudier- Reveret (Nativo – PG, SR1)
7. Christian Briand (cc Université de Montréal, SR3)
8. Nicolas Brouillette (Guru- Cinelume, MA)
9. David Gruber (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, SR1)
10. Brandon Tulloch (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
11. Scott Loong (Cycling@McGill, SR3)
12. Nicolas Ammerlaan (Le Yéti, SR1)
Doublé Francis Martin (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
Doublé Pierre Morin (Université Laval, SR3)
DNF David Maltais (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF Raymond Junkins (Stevens, JRH)

Senior 1-2 – 75 minutes-1
1. Simon Lambert Lemay (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy, SR1) 1:14:35
2. James Langedyk (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
3. Mathieu Roy (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
4. Hugo Houle (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
5. Michael Joannisse (Nativo – PG, SR1)
6. Osmond Bakker (La Bicicleta Elite Team, SR1)
7. Luc Mahler (Scott Racing, SR1)
8. Marc Boudreau (Scott Racing, SR1)
9. Simon Gagnon- Brassard (Nativo – PG, SR1) 1:14:39
10. Jean- Michel Lachance (Nativo – PG, SR1)
11. Shaum McCarthy (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1) 1:14:45
DNF Charly Vives (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy, SR1)
DNF Jean- Sebastien Perron (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
DNF Stephane Cossette (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy, SR1)
DNF Remi Pelletier- Roy (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur, SR1)
DNF Hugues Lapointe (Nativo – PG, SR1)
DNF Jean- Francois Racine (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
DNF Joel Dion- Poitras (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
DNF Luc Dionne (CIBC Wood Gundy- Novabrik, SR1)
DNF Gabriel Girard (Nativo – PG, SR1)
DNF Antoine Malo (Nativo – PG, SR1)
DNF Gabriel Michaud (Nativo – PG, SR1)
DNF Frederic Boivin (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF Christian Deshaies (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bl, SR1)
DNF Antoine Duchesne (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF David Maltais (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF Arnaud Papillon (SR1)
DNF William Blackburn (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss, SR1)
DNF Justin- Frederick Hall (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
DNF Pierre- Olivier Boily (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF Kianoush Missaghi (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur, SR1)
DNF Derrick St John (Garneau-Club Chaussures-O, SR1)
DNF Steve Timmons (Indépendant-RP, SR1)
DNF Shawn Clarke (Scott Racing, SR1)
DNF Shaun Adamson (Scott Racing, SR2)
DNF Marc Lapointe (Nativo – PG, SR1)
DNF Engel Colin (Indépendant-RP, SR3)
DNF Joelle Numainville (Webcor Builder, SRF1)
DNF Chris Nybom (Colavita, SR1)

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