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Big Chill Reunion Party in Ontario Massive Success

by Tim Lefebvre
(l-r) Steve Bauer, Peter Fusaro, Josee Larocque, Ziggy Martuzalski, Gino Cadorin, Henry Erlichmann  ©  Sandra Leitch
November 15, 2016 (Woodbridge, ON) – The who’s who of Ontario’s cycling scene from the 1960’s, 70s and 80s gathered last weekend for a massive “Big Chill” reunion at the home of Marc and Lisa Polsinelli of Woodbridge, Ontaro.

(l-r) John Craig Jr., Allan Brocklebank, Louann Singleton, Gordon Singleton C.M., Gino Greco  ©  Sandra Leitch

Over 150 of Canada’s former cycling greats from near and far shared a glass for an “absolutely amazing night” of cycling yesteryear including former stars such as Steve Bauer, Gord Singleton, Joe Jones, Gene Samuals, Gary Trevisiol and Eon D’Ornellas. Lister Farrar traveled from B.C. joining his brother Tim of P2A fame while Ottawa’s John Large and Craig Burge were also on hand as stories, laughter and memories of the good old days made for a “party of the century”.

(l-r) Rob D'Amico, Domenic Reda, Mauro Martini, Marc Polsinelli, Joe Torchia  ©  Sandra Leitch
In early 2016, Polsinelli had decided it was time to get the boys back together and floated the idea around to his network of friends for a reunion of sorts with old cycling pals and rivals alike. As a member of the old Miele Cycling Team in the mid-80s he still had many of his old teammates close by and relied on their help to start the transformation of his home.

Phil Hime (l) and Eon D'Ornellas  ©  Sandra Leitch
Ted Rudyk  ©  Sandra Leitch
Lining each wall with re-prints of old photographs that many cyclists had sent him, Marc and Eddie Smolinski covered the entire house. Old jerseys were hung, vintage bikes were poised and food and drink were on each floor, with a covered tent out back provided by Martin Cramaro.

Jerseys  ©  Sandra Leitch
(l-r) Dan Lefebvre, Tim Lefebvre, Bruno Grossi, Rob D'Amico  ©  Sandra Leitch
By 7 pm on Nov. 5 night Polsinelli’s home was crowded with a massive crew of smiling Canadian cycling greats for a memorable epic evening that was so successful a follow up barbeque gathering is now in the works. Enjoy our fabulous array of photos from an incredible evening when the “stars” came out to play.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Greatest cycling reunion ever thanks to Marc Polsinelli. The food was better than at an Italian wedding. What a room full of great and beautiful cycling faces and racing experiences. Marc’s house was decoarated like a Cycling Hall of Fame. Fantastic experience.

  2. Dolan, ON, Canada says:

    After all the dust settles and the competitions are over.
    Everyone has learned the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
    We have all shared these emotions. Some more than others. But it’s these feelings that brought us back closer than ever. Just look at all of the smiling faces in the photo’s. All the very best to all that attended and too all that could not make it. Great effort by everyone, and Marc and family, you’ve just won your biggest race.


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