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Bianchi Presents the New Oltre XR4 with Countervail Technology

release by Bianchi

July 15, 2016 – The new Bianchi Oltre XR4 aero road bike was officially presented during the Bianchi Press Event in Franciacorta (Italy) on Thursday, July 14th. The new bike, is the fifth model launched by Bianchi to feature the exclusive and innovative Countervail Carbon Vibration-Cancelling Technology, with a dedicated tuning in order to provide maximized aero advantage and control at high speeds.

The Bianchi Oltre XR4 in action  ©  Olafpix
Your body contributes about 80% of aerodynamic drag on the bike so staying in your most aero position as long as possible is vital for fast times. With our new Bianchi Oltre XR4, enhanced with revolutionary Countervail® vibration cancelling technology that increases control, reduces fatigue and frame turbulence that affect performance, you will be able to hold your most aero position at high speed for longer to maximize your aerodynamic advantage.

Bianchi Oltre XR4  ©  Matteo Cappè
Developed for NASA by the Materials Sciences Corporation, Countervail® is a composite-material system that combines viscoelastic carbon material within a unique fiber preform to cancel road vibrations and reduce turbulences in the frame that can affect its performance. Countervail® enhances the rider’s peak power output by maximizing the vibrational dissipation in the surrounding polymers. Countervail® is exclusive to Bianchi CV frames and forks for unparalleled cancellation of vibration, ensuring the frame’s optimum performance at peak power output and high speed, and eliminating road buzz to reduce rider fatigue.

Bianchi Oltre XR4 in the wind tunnel  ©  Guido Rubino
Aggressive race geometry, lightweight, highly aerodynamic and with Countervail®’s unique vibration-cancelling technology, the Oltre XR4 keeps you in position to race faster. Oltre XR4 has been developed and tested in cooperation with Bianchi-supplied World Tour Team LottoNL-Jumbo, and has already collected remarkable successes on the World stage with Dylan Groenewegen and Sep Vanmarcke. Oltre XR4 is also currently used by the Dutch team at the Tour de France.

Oltre XR4 was designed to be at the absolute cutting edge of aerodynamics thanks to advanced CFD and Flow Visualization – technologies borrowed straight from aerospace and F1 car design. When combined with advanced analysis, the resulting data enabled us to achieve a significant aerodynamic saving of 20 watts over our already hugely efficient XR2 frameset.

In a wind-tunnel, Bianchi’s technicians flew fluorescent paint over the frame and fork’s surface at race speed and interpreted their trace patterns and intensity to reveal the aerodynamic performance of every aspect.

Oltre XR.4 joins the Countervail “family” including Infinito CV, Aquila CV, Specialissima and Methanol CV, the latter of which was also officially presented to the International press in Franciacorta after being unveiled in a World Premiere in Abstadt (Germany) on the occasion of the XCO World Cup stage.

The new Methanol CV – the first ever mountain bike frame enhanced with Bianchi’s exclusive Countervail® vibration-cancelling technology developed for NASA by Material Science Corporation – recalibrates performance as the fastest, most composed cross-country MTB ever created.

Countervail®’s unique carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic properties deliver total “After-Shock Control” by eliminating vibrations that pass through the suspension after impact and from trail buzz.

Crucial in the development of the ground-breaking new model was the cooperation with the Bianchi MTB Official Team, whose name in 2016 is Bianchi Countervail after Bianchi and MSC decided to further extend their close and winning cooperation with the aim to create the most advanced performance Road and MTB bicycles and support different type of riding, thanks to the Countervail tuning process. Countervail’s sponsorship of the Bianchi MTB Team is indeed a consequence of Bianchi’s strategy to revolutionize the MTB world.

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