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Bessette Competes at Adventure Rally

August 24, 2006 – As reported in La Voix de l’Est, Lyne Bessette, Canada’s former road racing champ and a 10-year road racing veteran, claims to have “never pushed herself so much” as she did during the Raid international Éco Aventure”(Eco Adventure Rally) which took place in St. Raymond de Portneuf (near Quebec City) last weekend.

“I loved the experience, but don’t think that I’m going to repeat it! It was too much for my body,” admitted Bessette. “Some of the other teams were only there to finish the rally, but we were there to win it. There was no let-up, it was really exhausting. That’s the first time in my career that I pushed my body so much.”

Her team, Spa Balnea, finished third in the event, behind the American Team Sole (26h 39m 15s) and Outer Active Experiences (28h 00m 59s). Bessette’s team counted a time of 28h 12m 44 seconds.

Bessette found the mountain biking sections particularly difficult. “We rode on footpaths, but sometimes there were so many rocks and branches that we had to carry our bikes on our shoulders. That was tough…

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