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Because Sport Matters Campaign

January 7, 2006 – Sport Matters is a collection of sport leaders from across the sport spectrum that have come together to contribute their resources to create more resources for sport in this country. As you may know one of the primary objectives of SMG is to raise the profile and importance of sport among public policy decision-makers. It is our hope that politicians will both recognize the valuable public asset that sport represents to communities across this country, and to the country as a whole, and that in turn decisions will be made to invest sufficient funding in sport.

Currently, Canada’s investment in sport is among the lowest of any industrialized country in the world. In the last 5 years, SMG has focused its lobbying efforts on the national MPs and this approach is starting to produce diminishing returns.

The upcoming federal election provides an opportunity for those of us who care about sport to unite in our message to the various political parties about the importance of sport in our communities. The key to this approach is to take our message to political candidates from all parties in our own ridings.

The more often they hear the message, or are asked the question in each and every one of the 308 ridings, the greater their awareness will be that Canadians care about this issue. One way that you can support the sport campaign during the federal election is to share the link to the online election headquarters.

Thank you for making a contribution!


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