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Bear Mountain 2003 Challenge

June 11, 2003 (Mission, BC) – This past weekend gave witness to the Bear MountainChallenge, also known as BC Cup CC#2 and DH #3. The weekend's events were filmed; the coverage will be used to air on Ride Guide TV. OLN Canada will be airing the show on the morning of June 29th, please check local listings for times!  The show will reportedly feature a profile on race announcer Brad Ewen as well as the race coverage of the weekend's events. It is reported that MTV Canada has picked it up as well as the Extreme Sports Channel in Europe.

Cross Country Results

Elite Men
1. Andrew Kyle 2:27:00
2. Mike Pruner (Marin Canada) 2:33:02
3. Gerry Noble (Bike Barn) 3:37:01

Elite Women
1. Sarah Noble (Bike Barn) 2:13:41
2. Trish Sinclair (Gears Racing) 2:15:34
3. Eron Chorney (Rocky Mountain) 2:19:28

Jr. Expert Men
1. Bradley Fairall (Rocky Mountain/Crystal Decisions) 1:57:49
2. Matthew Green (Steed Cycles) 2:06:01
3. Adam Quiring 2:06:51

Jr. Expert Women
1. Meghan Kindree 1:49:35
2. Heather Rochetta 1:52:29
3. Katherine Clark (Steed Cycles) 1:55:35

Downhill Results

Elite Men
1. Ryan Yastremsky (Full Boar) 3:49.85
2. Brian Eller (Norco Performance Bikes) 3:52.31
3. Kevin Wood (Marin Canada) 3:53.67

Elite Women
1. Michelle Dumaresq (Santa Cruz/NSMB.com/John Henry) 4:13:57
2. Deb MacKillop (Norco Performance Bikes) 4:31:14
3. Katrina Strand 4:36:00

Jr. Expert Men:
1. Adriano Digiacinto (Steed Cycles/Santa Cruz) 4:01:71
2. Connor Macleod (Bicycle Sports Paciic/Giant) 4:09:12
3. Jamie Wakeling (Hoots Gear/John Henry Bikes) 4:09:76

Jr. Expert Women:
1. Brook Baker (Norco Perfomance Bikes) 5:31:85

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