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BC Provincial TT, Road, and Crit Championships Report, Results, Photos

release by Cycling BC
Elite Men's Road Race  ©  Scott Robarts

June 05, 2015 (Vancouver, BC) – An overwhelming number of racers turned up for Cycling BC’s Road, Criterium and Time Trial Championships last weekend in the Greater Vancouver region. Summer-like conditions and amazing race courses were on tap to challenge the hundreds of racers gunning for the BC Championship Jersey.

The weekend started off Friday night with the BC Time Trial Championships on a rural, flat course in Abbotsford BC. The Elite and Master men and women raced against the clock over the 30 km circuit.

Curtis Dearden, Accent Inns/Russ Hayes Cycling Team pb Scotia Bank was the Elite men’s winner in a time of 37:17:85 while Morgan Cabot, Glotman Simpson Cycling Club was the fastest Elite women with a time of 42:29:63.

In the Master Categories, Bill Yearwood was the Master 60+ winner, Brian Marsh won the Master 50 to 59 while Dalton Fayad took home the Master 40 to 49 title. In the Master Women’s category, Carol Quade took the 60+ championship.

Elite Men's Road Race  ©  Scott Robarts

Saturday’s BC Road Race Championships road took place in the scenic Hatzic Valley on a challenging course in the shadow of the majestic coast mountain range. The Elite Women’s race saw Trek Red Truck Racing riders attack early to form a break which would never be caught. In the end it was Sara Bergen who was first across the line, and crowned BC Road Champion. Alysia Withers, Glotman Simpson Cycling Club was the Master Women’s Champion.

In the Elite Men’s race, Trek Red Truck Racing struck again with Dylan Davies, last year’s BC Criterium Champion, now taking home the BC Road Championship title.

Master Men's Road Race  ©  Scott Robarts

The Master Men’s field was the largest BC has seen in years, prompting race organizers to provide a separate start time for their race. An incident at the finish line forced race officials to neutralize the Master Men’s finish. There was no winner declared for the race. Cycling BC will be looking ahead to find a replacement race for the Masters.

(l-r) Denise Ramsden, Leah Guloien, Sarah Coney - Elite Women's Criterium Podium  ©  Scott Robarts

Sunday’s finally headed to Maple Ridge for the Town Core Criteirum, a course used by Race The Ridge for the past 14 years. This unique circuit is a racer and spectator favorite, and with the high caliber of racers on hand, the large crowd of spectators where thoroughly entertained.

Elite Men's Criterium  ©  Scott Robarts

The Elites men’s race saw a break of 4 get away with 3 of the major team’s represented, Russ Hayes, Trek Red Truck and Langois Brown Racing. The final sprint saw Cody Canning, Russ Hayes, take the win and the BC Championship Jersey.

Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) leads the Elite Women's Criterium  ©  Scott Robarts

The Elite women’s race was dominated by Trek Red Truck Racing, and the strong team of riders were looking for a top 5 podium sweep. Trek Red Truck rider Gillian Ellsay was sent off the front on a couple of occasions, with the last time being able to stay away while her teammates controlled the peloton from bringing her back. With Ellsay easily taking the win, Maggie Coles-Lyster, Local Ride Racing, took the bunch sprint for second to break up the Trek Red Truck dominance.

With Ellsay being a Junior, the Elite Championship Jersey was awarded to her teammate Leah Guloien. Carolyn Russell took the Master women’s criterium title.

Master Men's Criterium  ©  Scott Robarts

The Master men took to the circuit to do battle in their quest for their BC Criterium title. Greg Inkster, VO2Min took the overall win and was the Master 50+ championship, Maurice Worsfold, Tranquilo Code Sport took the Master 40 to 49 title with Brett Boniface, Fulgas Cycle Club winning the Master 30 to 39 championship.

Elite Men's Criterium Podium  ©  Scott Robarts

Cycling BC would like to thank Local Ride Racing and its volunteers, City of Maple Ridge, Fraser Valley Regional Distract, City of Abbotsford and all the residents and business who accommodated our races in their neighborhoods. Thanks also to their sponsors: Code Sports, Colnago, Catlike Helmets, Cycles Lambert, Epoch Analytical, Power2Max.

Thanks to BBB / Great Western Bicycle for supplying some amazing prizes.

Also a big thanks out to Phoenix Velo Cycling Club and Escape Velocity Cycling Club for working together to provide support in helping to pull off the weekend of racing.


Criterium (brief)

Cat 1/2 Women
1. Gillian Ellsay (Trek/Red Truck)
2. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride) 27.533
3. Leah Guloien Cat (Trek/Red Truckn) 0.096

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Cody Canning (Accent Inns/Russ Hay’s Cycling Team p/b Scotiabank)
2. Craig Richey (Trek/Red Truck) 0.241
3. Nigel Kinney (Langois Brown) 0.283

Full results here.

Road Race (brief)

Cat 1/2 Women
1. Sara Bergen (Trek/Red Truck)
2. Leah Guloien (Trek/Red Truck)
3. Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Dylan Davies (Trek/Red Truck)
2. Garrett MacLeod (HR Block) 0:40
3. Dylan Cunningham (Accent Inns/Russ Hay’s Cycling Team p/b Scotiabank)
4. Isaac Leblanc (Pro City Racing)

Full results here.

Time Trial

1. Atilla Avsar (Para) 23:23:60
2. Klint Burton (Para) 26:49:60
3. Peter Froese (Para) 35:19:00

U13 Boys
1. Lief Rodgers (U13B) 30:36:29
2. Adam Usher (U13B) 32:22:19

U13 Girls
1. Lilly Ujfalusi (U13G) 31:56:63
2. Elly Hoskin (U13G) 37:36:76

U15 Boys
1. Eric Inkster (U15Boys) 25:20:95
2. Tyler Davies (U15Boys) 27:18:41
3. Evan Russell (U15Boys) 28:38:64

U15 Girls
1. Bronwen Campbell (U15Girls) 28:10:13
2. Elizabeth Gin (U15Girls) 28:35:94
3. Linnea Uunila (U15Girls) 29:49:36
4. Kaelen Coles-Lyster (U15Girls) 30:28:63
5. Michaela Hoskin (U15Girls) 32:18:00

U17 Boys
1. Erik Diertens (U17Boys) 24:50:69
2. Isaac Van Der Vliet (U17Boys) 25:23:48

Cat 4 Women
1. Amanda Mcrae (Cat 4 W) 28:07:76

Novice Women
1. Rebecca Ingbritson (Novice W) 29:31:41
2. Janice Delain (Novice W) 29:50:76
3. Sharon Mitchell (Novice W) 31:21:41
DNS Donna Christofferson (Novice W)

Cat 4/Novice Men
1. Graham Clarke (CAT 4) 22:11:85
2. Geordie Mcgillivay (Novice M) 23:14:23
3. Jim Desroches (Cat 4 M) 23:37:00
4. Peter Roberts (MM40-49) 23:54:79
5. Troy Neale (Novice M) 24:12:55
6. David Lyall (Cat 4 M) 24:32:72
7. Bob Mclaren (Cat 4 M) 24:43:51
8. Darcy Hinds (Novice M) 25:20:75
9. Conor Martin (Cat 4 M) 25:32:31
10. Alain Dalida (Novice M) 25:42:76
11. Michael Coney (Novice M) 26:10:42
12. Blair Benjamin (Cat 4 M) 26:24:13
DNF Jay Gundzik (Cat 4 M)

Jr Men
1. James Grant (JRMen) 40:46:20
2. Fergus Horrobin (JRMen) 41:02:75
3. Cordell Dickie (JRMen) 41:19:32
4. John Willcox (JRMen) 43:07:19
5. Oliver Wood (JRMen) 43:30:51
6. Kellen Viznaugh (JRMen) 44:04:31
7. Massimiliano Duso (JRMen) 48:35:60
DNF Cam Fitz (JRMen)
DNF Rowan Morris (JRMen)
DSQ Matan Guttmann (JRMen)
DNS Brendan Armstrong (JRMen)

Cat 3 Men
1. Wilson Tran (Cat 3 M) 40:12:81
2. Chris Macdonald (Cat 3 M) 41:02:14
3. Steven Hewick (Cat 3 M) 44:08:01
4. Maxwell Kelsch (Cat 3 M) 45:55:19
DSQ Luke Dimarzo (Cat 3 M)
DSQ Sean Fincham (Cat 3 M)

Masters Men 30-39
1. Brett Boniface (MM30-39)

Masters Men 40-49
1. Dalton Fayad (MM40-49) 40.05.10
2. Emil Marcetta (MM40-49) 2nd place
3. Kelly Jablonski (MM40-49) 41.31.82
4. Andrew Attwell (MM40-49) 41.52.38
5. David Smit (MM40-49) 41.57.91
6. Jay Murray (MM40-49) 42.00.60
7. Stuart Smith (MM40-49) 42.42.37
8. Christian Hansen (MM40-49) 43.01.11
9. Michael Koehle (MM40-49) 43.26.72
10. Dwayne Kress (MM40-49) 44.39.22
11. Jon Greyell (MM40-49) 45.22.10
DNS Dan Cummins (MM40-49)
DNS Michael Parrish (MM40-49)

Masters Men 50-59
1. Brian Marsh (MM50-59) 40.44.72
2. Greg Inkster (MM50-59) 41.52.36
3. Mark Clyde (MM50-59) 42.39.76
4. Neil Davies (MM50-59) 42.42.14
5. David Dunnison (MM50-59) 42.44.51
6. Sheldon Boreen (MM50-59) 44.06.16
7. David Macdonald (MM50-59) 45.09.52

Masters Men 60+
1. Bill Yearwood (MM60+) 44.05.85
2. Stuart Lynne (MM60+) 44.09.10
3. Roy Quade (MM60+) 47.11.00
4. George Mclaughlin (MM60+) 51.44.19
DNS Raymond Morrison (MM60+)

Jr Women
1. Kia Van Der Vliet (JR W) 50.18.85

Masters Women
1. Carol Quade (MW50+) 50.46.59

Cat 1/2 Women
1. Morgan Cabot (Cat 1/2 W) 42.29.63
2. Sara Bergen (Cat 1/2 W) 42.38.23
3. Denise Ramsden (Cat 1/2 W) 43:14:63
4. Leah Guloien (Cat 1/2 W) 43.57.02
5. Gillian Ellsay (Cat 1/2 W) 44.38.91
6. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Cat 1/2 W) 44.48.86
7. Suzanne Hamilton (Cat 1/2 W) 45.14.63
8. Allie Guenther (Cat 1/2 W) 45.18.03
9. Sarah Coney (Cat 1/2 W) 49.28.42
10. Holly Simonson (Cat 1/2 W) 50.01.86
DNS Meghan Grant (Cat 1/2 W)

Cat 3 Women
1. Emanuela Bandoll (Cat 3 W) 43.59.26
2. Janna Gillick (Cat 3 W) 45.19.16
3. Erin Attwell (Cat 3 W) 47.18.60
4. Brenna Pauly (Cat 3 W) 47.27.17
5. Emily Handford (Cat 3 W) 49.23.29
6. Kelsey Macdonald (Cat 3 W) 49.30.22
7. Margaret Ovenell (Cat 3 W) 50.45.22
8. Emily Suchy (Cat 3 W) 53.33.33
9. Angela Law (Cat 3 W) 54.23.35
10. Stephanie Denroche (Cat 3 W) 56.23.62

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Curtis Dearden (Cat 1/2 M) 37.17.85
2. Nigel Ellsay (Cat 1/2 M) 38.11.66
3. Jordan Landolt (Cat 1/2 M) 38.16.00
4. Craig Richey (Cat 1/2 M) 38.25.03
5. Dylan Davies (Cat 1/2 M) 38.41.73
6. Normand Richard (Cat 1/2 M) 39.13.82
7. Dylan Cunningham (Cat 1/2 M) 39.18.18
8. Garrett Mcleod (Cat 1/2 M) 39.39.57
9. Danick Vandale (Cat 1/2 M) 39.39.86
10. Joel Taylor (Cat 1/2 M) 39.53.64
11. Willem Boersma (Cat 1/2 M) 40.48.22
12. Trevor Stothard (Cat 1/2 M) 41.24.36
13. Mason Burtnik (Cat 1/2 M) 42.32.00
14. Elijah Buffalo (Cat 1/2 M) 43.12.26
15. Joshua Kropf (Cat 1/2 M) 44.41.81
DNF Andrew Davidson (Cat 1/2 M)
DNF Oliver Evans (Cat 1/2 M)
DNF Jay Lamoureux (Cat 1/2 M)
DNF Alex Langley (Cat 1/2 M)

Full results here.

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