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BC Provincial Time Trial Champions Crowned in Squamish

August 8, 2005 -The annual BC Provincial Time Trial Championships presented by Team Escape Velocity took place in Squamish, BC on Saturday. Over 110 participants in all major categories including under 17 youth, tandem cyclists, and handcycling athletes. With the scenic Tantalus mountain range as the backdrop, riders raced out and back on the 38.5km Squamish Valley Road, which included a tricky headwind and a deceiving uphill in the finishing 2km.

Christian Meier of Symmetrics clocked the fastest time all day, a blistering 47:09, averaging 48.98kmh on the winding course. The New Brunswick cyclist could not take the provincial espoir champion jersey however, as he holds an NB license. Michael Simpson of West Vancouver took second in espoir men and the provincial champ title.

Meier’s teammate Min Van Velzen (Symmetrics) made up for it, taking the senior men’s title with a time of 49:01. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics) and Costa Rican rider Neives Carpasco (Dospinos) rounded out the senior men’s podium, selected from a competitive field which included Ironman Canada and Ironman Hawaii champion, Peter Reid (5th – 50:29).

In the women’s race, Erinne Willock (Webcor) caught and passed her minute man Tony Zarsadias (Symmetrics) with ease, on her way to a 10 second victory over multiple national champion, Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics) with third place going to Lee Darling (Team Coastal).


Junior Men
1. Jefferey Castenmiller (Lactic Acid) 51:56.7
2. Fraser Hayes (Adventure) 53:02.4
3. Marco Sabatino 53:22.5

Junior Women
1. Kyla Giesbrecht (Lactic Acid Racing) 05:29.3

1. Christian Mieer (Symmetrics Cycling) 47:10.0
2. Michael Simpson (Cannondale) 50:39.4
3. Craig Richey (Cove Bikes) 52:04.8

Elite Men
1. Min Van Velzen (Symmetrics Cycling) 49:01.1
2. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics Cycling) 49:31.5
3. Nieves Carpasco (Costa Rica Dospinos) 50:05.9
4. Derek McMaster (Coastal) 50:19.1
5. Peter Reid 50:29.0

Elite Women
1. Erin Willock (Webcor Builders) 53:00.2
2. Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics) 53:10.7
3. Lee Darling (Team Coastal) 56:34.1
4. Julia Hlynsky (Devo) 57:07.4
5. Alena Radomsky (Coastal) 57:17.1

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