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BC Mountain Bike Coach & Commissaire Courses Announced

January 29, 2006 – Cycling BC is pleased to announce the following Mountain Bike Technical Courses. To register on-line, visit http://www.karelo.com and click on the ‘event list’ link found at the top left of the page. Courses are listed by month.

Club Participation: In coming seasons, Cycling BC will offer incentives for affiliated clubs to send members to Commissaire and Coaching courses. Cycling Clubs provide much of the volunteer and resource base necessary to develop the sport, it is important that each club have trained, knowledgeable members – these members are typically race coaches and commissaires. We ask each affiliated club to send at least 1 member to a technical course in the 2006 season.

Cycling BC can make arrangements to hold courses at the request of groups in any part of the province. If you are interested in having a course in your area, please contact Kevin MacCuish, Mountain Bike Manager in order to make arrangements.

Commissaire Courses
Cost: $10 / person
Who Should Attend:
– Those interested in working as an official, or in the structure of the sport
– Race organizers
– Those interested in the “Manager” license credential (this course
is a pre-requisite)
– Representatives from MTB-interested Cycling Clubs
– Mountain Bike Coaches (required for level II certification)

February 18 – MTB Commissaire Course, Vancouver (Instructor: Kevin MacCuish)
March 12 – MTB Commissaire Course, Nanaimo (Instructor: Jim Bratrud)
March 25 – MTB Commissaire Course, Golden (Instructor: Loyal Ma)
March 26 – MTB Commissaire Course, Kamloops (Instructor: Kevin MacCuish)

Coaching Courses
Cost: Varies by Course Level
Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in becoming a Mountain Bike Coach
– Level I Mountain Bike gives the basic skills needed to teach
someone to ride a mountain bike, either recreationally or in a race
– Level II Mountain Bike expands upon Level I by improving
candidates’ knowledge of more advanced skills as well as physical
preparation and training for competition.

February 25 / 26 – Level I MTB, Vancouver (Instructor: Steve Lund)
March 25 / 26 – Level I MTB, Comox (Instructor: Steve Lund)
May 27 / 28 – Level I MTB, Fernie (Instructor: Loyal Ma)
October 21 / 22 – Level I MTB, Victoria (Steve Lund)
November 4 / 5 – Level II MTB, Vancouver (Steve Lund)
December 2 / 3 – Level II Methodology of Training, Victoria (Steve Lund)

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